List of 48 Words Ending in 'ocracy'

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Perhaps you're looking for a collection of words in English that are spelled a certain way. Looking for a list of words ending in -ocracy? Check out this list of relevant terms.
adhocracy ergatocracy mobocracy punditocracy
androcracy gerontocracy monocracy quangocracy
aristocracy gynecocracy nomocracy slavocracy
autocracy gynocracy ochlocracy snobbocracy
chrysocracy hagiocracy pantisocracy snobocracy
cottonocracy hierocracy pedantocracy squattocracy
democracy isocracy phallocracy stratocracy
demonocracy kakistocracy physiocracy technocracy
despotocracy kleptocracy plantocracy thalassocracy
dollarocracy mediocracy plutocracy thalattocracy
doulocracy meritocracy pornocracy theocracy
dulocracy millocracy ptochocracy timocracy