List of 328 Words Ending in 'ology'

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Want to find examples of words whose spelling has a specific characteristic? See this handy list of words ending in -ology. It contains a wide range of such terms.
acarology doxology metapsychology philology
accidentology duology meteorology phlebology
actinobiology dysteleology methodology phonology
aerobiology ecclesiology metrology photobiology
aerolithology ecology microbiology photogeology
aerology ecophysiology micromorphology phraseology
aetiology ecotoxicology microtechnology phrenology
agnoiology electrobiology misology phycology
agrobiology electrology missiology physiology
agroecology electrorheology mixology physiopathology
agrology embryology monology phytology
agrostology endocrinology morphology phytopathology
agrotechnology enology morphophonology phytosociology
algology entomology museology planetology
amphibology enzymology musicology pneumatology
andrology epidemiology mycology pomology
anemology epiphytology mycotoxicology posology
anesthesiology epistemology myology praxeology
angelology epizootiology myrmecology primatology
angiology escapology mythology proctology
anthology eschatology nanotechnology protozoology
anthropobiology ethnobiology narratology psephology
anthropology ethnology necrology psychobiology
antitechnology ethnomusicology nematology psychology
apiology ethology neology psychopathology
apology etiology neonatology psychosociology
archaeology etymology nephology pteridology
archaeozoology exobiology nephrology pyrology
archaezoology fetology neurobiology radiobiology
arcology futurology neuroethology radioecology
areology garbology neurohypnology radioimmunology
astrobiology gemology neurology radiology
astrogeology geochronology neuropathology reflexology
astrology geohydrology neurophysiology rheology
atmology geology neuropsychology rheumatology
audiology geomorphology neuroradiology rhinology
autecology geotechnology neurotoxicology roentgenology
autology gerontology nomology sarcology
axiology glaciology noology scatology
bacteriology gnotobiology nosology sedimentology
balneology grammatology nostology seismology
bibliology graphology numerology selenology
bioarchaeology gynecology oceanology semasiology
bioclimatology hagiology oinology semiology
biocoenology haplology oncology serology
biology helminthology onomatology sexology
biometeorology hematology ontology sinology
biopsychology herbology oology sitology
biotechnology herpetology ophiology sociobiology
bryology hierology ophthalmology sociology
campanology histology organology somatology
cardiology histopathology orismology soteriology
carpology histophysiology ornithology speleology
cetology homology orology stereology
characterology horology orthopterology symbology
chromatology hydrobiology osteology symptomatology
chronobiology hydrology otolaryngology synecology
chronology hymnology otology tautology
climatology hypnology palaeethnology technology
codicology ichnology paleobiology teleology
cohomology ichthyology paleoecology teratology
conchology iconology paleolimnology terminology
coprology ideology paleology thanatology
cosmeticology immunology paleontology theology
cosmetology immunopathology paleopathology tocology
cosmology iridology paleopedology topology
craniology karyology paleophytology toxicology
criminology kinesiology paleozoology tribology
cryobiology kremlinology palynology trichology
cryptology laryngology papyrology tropology
cryptozoology lepidopterology parapsychology typology
cytology lexicology parasitology ufology
cytopathology lichenology pathobiology uranology
cytotechnology limnology pathology urbanology
dactyliology lithology pathophysiology urology
dactylology liturgiology pedology venology
demonology macrosociology penology vexillology
dendrology malacology periodontology victimology
deontology malariology petrology virology
dermatology martyrology pharmacology volcanology
dialectology megatechnology phenology zoology
diplomatology menology phenomenology zymology