List of 1,232 Words Ending in 'tion'

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Seeking a list of words ending in -tion? Take a look at this list of such terms. Here, you'll find a wide range of English words that end with your chosen suffix or letter combination.
abdication dealation ignition preemption
abduction deamination illation preignition
aberration debarkation illuviation prelection
abjection decalcification imagination prelibation
abjuration decantation imbibition premonition
ablation deception imbrication premunition
ablution decertification imitation prenotion
abnegation decimation immigration preoption
abolition declamation immolation preparation
abomination declaration impaction preportion
abortion declination impartation preposition
abreaction decoction impetration prescription
abrogation decollation implementation presentation
abruption decondition impletion presumption
absolution decontamination implication prevention
absorption decoration importation privation
abstention decryption imposition proaction
abstraction decussation imprecation probation
acceleration dedication imputation procreation
acceptation deduction inaction procuration
acclamation defalcation inanition production
acclimation defamation inattention profanation
acclimatization defecation incantation prohibition
accommodation defection incarnation projection
accreditation definition incaution promotion
accretion deflation inception pronation
acculturation deflection incitation propagation
accumulation defloration inclination proportion
accusation defoliation incretion proposition
acetylation deformation incubation proration
acidification deglutition inculcation prorogation
acidulation degradation inculpation prosecution
acquisition degustation incurvation prostration
action dehydration indagation protection
activation deification indentation protonation
actualization dejection indention protraction
actuation delation indexation provocation
acylation delectation indication publication
adaptation delegation indiction pullulation
adaption deletion indigestion pulsation
addiction delineation indignation punctation
addition demagnetization indirection punctuation
adduction demarcation induction punition
ademption democratization induration pupation
adjunction demolition inebriation purgation
adjuration demonstration infarction pustulation
administration demotion infatuation qualification
admiration demystification infection question
admonition denegation infestation quotation
adnation denervation infixation radiation
adoption denigration inflammation rarefaction
adoration denitrification inflation ration
adsorption denotation inflection reaction
adulation dentation infliction realization
adumbration dentition information reanimation
advection denudation infraction reapportion
advocation deoxidation infuriation reassertion
aeration depiction ingestion recantation
aestivation depilation inhalation recaution
affectation depletion inhibition reception
affection deportation inhumation recitation
affiliation deposition initiation reclamation
affirmation depravation injection recognition
affixation deprecation injunction recommendation
affliction depredation innervation reconciliation
aggradation deprivation innovation recondition
aggravation deputation inoculation reconstruction
aggregation dereliction inquisition recordation
agitation derivation inscription recreation
agnation derogation insertion redaction
alation description insinuation redemption
alienation desecration insolation redigestion
alkylation desensitization inspection redirection
allegation desertification inspiration reduction
alleviation desertion installation reeducation
allocation desiccation instigation reelection
allocution designation institution refection
alteration desolation instruction reflation
altercation desorption insulation reflection
alternation desperation integration reformation
amation destabilization intention refraction
ambition destination interaction refutation
ambulation destitution interpretation registration
ammoniation destruction intervention regulation
ammunition desulfurization intimation rehabilitation
amotion detection intinction rehydration
amputation detention intonation reification
analyzation determination introduction reignition
angulation detestation intubation reinfection
animation detonation intuition reinflation
annexation detraction inunction reinjection
annotation detrition inundation reinsertion
annulation deuteration invention reinvention
anodization devaluation investigation reiteration
anticipation devastation invitation rejection
antiquation deviation invocation relation
apparition devolution involution relaxation
appellation devotion iodation relegation
application dictation iodination reliction
apportion diction ionization relocation
apposition differentiation irradiation reluctation
appreciation diffraction irrigation remediation
approbation digestion irritation remigration
arbitration dilatation irruption remotion
arcuation dilation isolation rendition
arrogation dilution itemization renovation
ascription diminution iteration reoperation
aspiration direction itineration reoxidation
assentation disarticulation jactation reparation
assertion discontinuation jactitation repartition
assignation discretion jubilation repetition
association discrimination junction repletion
assumption disjunction jurisdiction replication
atomization dislocation justification reposition
attention disposition kation representation
attenuation disputation laceration reprobation
attestation disrelation laciniation repudiation
attraction disruption lacrimation reputation
attribution dissection lactation requisition
attrition dissention laicization reradiation
auction dissipation lallation resection
audition dissolution lamentation reservation
authentication distention lamination resignation
authorization distinction laudation resolution
autocorrelation distortion laureation resorption
automation distraction lavation respiration
aviation distribution laxation restation
avocation divagation lection restitution
bastardization divination legation restoration
bastion documentation legislation restriction
beautification domination lenition resumption
benediction donation levigation retaliation
benefaction dotation levitation retardation
bifurcation dubitation libation retention
bijection duplication liberation retortion
bilection duration libration retraction
bilocation dysfunction ligation retribution
biodegradation ebullition limitation retroaction
bipartition edification lineation revaluation
bisection edition lionization revelation
blaxploitation education liposuction revocation
bloviation eduction liquation revolution
bolection egestion liquidation rogation
bombination ejaculation literation rotation
botheration ejection litigation rubrication
brachiation elaboration lixiviation ruction
brecciation elation lobation ruination
bromination election lobulation rumination
butylation elevation location rustication
calcination elicitation locomotion sacculation
calculation elimination locution salivation
calibration elocution lotion saltation
cancelation elongation lubrication salutation
cannibalization elucidation lucubration salvation
capitalization elution lunation sanction
capitation elutriation lustration sanitation
caption eluviation luxation satiation
captivation emaciation maceration satisfaction
carbonation emanation machination saturation
carburetion embarkation maculation scalation
carnation embrocation malediction secretion
caseation emendation malefaction section
cassation emigration malfunction sedation
castigation emotion malposition sedition
castration emulation margination seduction
categorization enation marination segregation
catenation encryption mastication selection
catheterization enervation maturation sensation
cation enucleation mediation separation
caudation enumeration medication seriation
causation enunciation meditation serration
caution epilation melioration sibilation
cavitation epoxidation mensuration siltation
celebration equation mentation simulation
cementation equitation mention sinuation
centralization eradication mercuration situation
centrifugation erotization metafiction solation
cerebration eructation methanation solmization
certification erudition methylation solution
cessation eruption metrication solvation
channelization escalation micturition sonication
chelation estimation midsection sorption
chrismation estivation migration sortition
ciliation etiolation miscaption spallation
circulation evacuation miscitation speciation
circumlocution evagination miscreation specification
circumscription evaluation misfunction speculation
circumspection evaporation mislocation spiculation
citation evection misposition spoliation
clarification eviction mitigation sporulation
classification evocation moderation squamation
clavation evolution modulation stagflation
coaction exaction molestation stagnation
coagulation exaltation monition starvation
coalition examination morulation station
coaptation excavation motion stiction
coarctation exception motivation stimulation
codirection excerption multination stipulation
coeducation excitation munition striation
coevolution exclamation mutation striction
cofunction excoriation mutilation stylization
cogitation excretion narration subaudition
cognation exculpation natation subduction
cognition execration nation subjection
coition execution navigation subjugation
collaboration exemption negation subjunction
collation exertion negotiation sublation
collection exfoliation nervation sublimation
colligation exhalation neurulation subluxation
collimation exhaustion nictation submunition
collocation exhibition nidation subornation
coloration exhortation nitration subreption
combination exhumation nodulation subrogation
combustion exoneration nomination subscription
commination expatiation nonaction subsection
comminution expectation nonfiction substation
commodification expedition nonsolution subsumption
commotion experimentation notation subtraction
communication expiation notification subvention
commutation expiration notion suction
compaction explanation novation sudation
compensation explication nucleation suffixation
competition exploration numeration suffocation
compilation exportation nunnation suggestion
complementation exposition nutation sulcation
completion expunction nutrition sulfation
composition expurgation obfuscation sulfonation
compunction exsection objection summation
computation exsertion objurgation supernation
computerization exsiccation oblation supination
conation exsolution obligation suppletion
concentration extenuation obscuration supposition
conception extinction observation suppuration
concoction extirpation obstruction surjection
concretion extortion obturation suspiration
condition extraction obviation susurration
condonation extradition occultation syncopation
conduction extrication occupation syndication
confection exudation officiation tabulation
configuration exultation olfaction taction
confirmation exuviation operation tarnation
conflation fabrication opposition taxation
confliction faction option temptation
confutation fasciation oration termination
congelation fascination ordination titillation
congestion fecundation organization titivation
conjugation federation orientation titration
conjunction fetation origination toleration
conjuration fiction oscillation trabeation
connation figuration osculation traction
connection filiation ostentation tradition
conniption filtration outstation trajection
connotation fimbriation ovation transaction
consecution fixation overaction transection
consideration flection overcaution transformation
consolation flirtation oviposition transition
consolidation floatation ovulation translation
constitution floriation oxidation transportation
construction flotation oxygenation trepanation
consultation fluctuation ozonation trepidation
consumption foliation ozonization tribulation
contamination fomentation paction trisection
contention forestation pagination trituration
contortion formation palliation truncation
contraction formulation palmation tuition
contraption fornication palpation tumefaction
contribution foundation palpitation ulceration
contrition fraction participation ultion
conurbation friction partition ululation
convection fruition parturition unction
convention frustration passivation undulation
conversation fulguration patination unification
conviction fulmination pectination unitization
convocation fumigation peculation urination
convolution function peltation urtication
cooperation furcation penetration ustion
cooption fustigation perception usurpation
copulation gelation percolation utilization
coronation gemination perdition vacation
corotation gemmation perennation vaccination
corporation generation perfection vacillation
correction germination perforation vacuolation
correlation gestation permeation valediction
corrugation glaciation permutation validation
corruption gleization peroration vallation
coruscation gradation persecution valuation
covariation graduation personation variation
creation granulation petition variegation
cremation gratulation phonation vegetation
crenation gravitation pinnation venation
crenelation gumption pixilation vendition
crenulation gustation placation veneration
crepitation guttation planation venesection
criminalization gyration plantation ventilation
crimination habitation plication vernation
crystallization habituation pollination vexation
culmination halation pollution vibration
cultivation hebetation population vindication
cumulation herniation portion violation
cunctation hesitation position visitation
cupellation hibernation postulation visualization
cuspidation himation potation vitiation
customization humiliation potion vivisection
cybernation hydration precaution vocation
cyclization hyphenation predation volition
damnation ideation predication volution
darnation identification prediction workstation
deaeration idolization preelection zonation