List of 192 Words High Schoolers Should Know

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Want some words in the English language that should be in your vocabulary when you reach high school? Check out this list of words high schoolers should know. It contains a wide range of relevant terms.
abjure exponent metamorphosis renegade
abrogate expurgate metaphor reparation
abstemious exult mitosis repose
accentuate facetious moiety respiration
acumen fallacy mosaic sacrifice
alliteration fatuous mutation sanguine
analogy feckless nanotechnology silhouette
antebellum fiduciary nebula soliloquy
antibody filibuster nihilism solstice
antithesis formidable nocturnal spectrum
aspire gamete nomenclature stereotype
auspicious gargoyle nonsectarian strategy
bamboozle gauche notarize subjugate
belie gerrymander obsequious suffrage
bellicose guerrilla oligarchy suffragist
bizarre hegemony omnipotent supercilious
boisterous hemoglobin omnivore symbiosis
bowdlerize heritage orthography tariff
boycott hieroglyphic outrageous tautology
camouflage hologram oxidize taxonomy
cerebrate homogeneous ozone tectonic
chicanery hubris parabola tempestuous
chromosome hypocrisy paradigm tempo
chronology hypotenuse parameter thermodynamics
churlish immune parasite totalitarian
circumlocution impeach participle toxin
circumnavigate impertinent pecuniary tranquility
commemorate incognito phloem tumult
cower incontrovertible photosynthesis tundra
deciduous inculcate plagiarize ultraviolet
decorum indigenous plasma unanimous
deduction inference plateau unctuous
deign infrastructure polygon undulate
deleterious interpolate polymer usurp
despondent introspection precipitous vaccine
dialogue irony protagonist vacillate
diffident jaunty pulverize vacuous
divulge jejune quandary vehement
eclectic kinetic quarantine virtuoso
ellipse kowtow quasar voracious
embargo labyrinth quota vortex
enervate laconic quotidian winnow
enfranchise laissez-faire rainforest wretched
enthusiastic lexicon random wrought
epiphany lichen recapitulate xenophobe
equinox loquacious recede xylem
evanescent lugubrious reciprocal yeoman
exploitation marsupial renaissance ziggurat