List of 116 Words With Long I Sound

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Perhaps you're looking for a word in the English language whose pronounciation contains a specific feature. Seeking relevant terms? This list of words with a long I can help you.
alike fly mice size
apply fried might sky
arise fry my slice
bike glide nice slide
bite hide nigh sly
bride high night smile
bright hike nine spike
by hire pie spy
chime hive pike sty
comply ice pile supply
cried idea pilot thigh
crime idol pine tide
cry iris pipe tie
cycle iron price tied
delight item pride tight
dice ivory prize tile
die July rely time
dime kite reply tire
dive knife rhyme tonight
dried knight rice tried
drive lice ride try
dry lie right vine
fight life ripe white
file light rise why
fine lightening shine wide
fire like shy wife
five lime side wipe
flies line sigh wire
flight live sight wise