List of 160 Words With Long O Sound

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Need to find words in the English language that contain a particular vowel sound? Try this list of words with a long O sound. It contains a wide range of relevant terms.
ago elbow moat show
alone encroach mole shown
also fellow moment sloe
approach float mope slope
arrow floe mow slow
awoke flow narrow smoke
banjo flown no snow
below foal nose so
bloat foam note soak
blow focus oak soap
blown foe oat sorrow
boast follow oboe sow
boat froze omit spoke
bogus globe own stoat
bone glow phone stole
bonus go piano stone
borrow goal pillow stove
bow goat poach stroke
bowl groan poem swallow
broke grove poke those
bungalow grow pole throat
choke grown potato throw
chose hoe program toad
cloak hole protect toast
close hollow quote toe
coach home reproach tomato
coal hope road tomorrow
coast hose roam tone
coat hotel roast total
coax joke robe tow
cockroach know robot vote
code known rode whole
cone load rodent window
cope loaf roe woe
croak loan rope woke
crow lobe rose wove
doe local row wrote
dome lone scope yellow
dose low shadow yoga
drove meadow shallow zone