List of 60 Words Related to Pharmacy

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Perhaps you're looking for a collection of words in English that have to do with drugstores and medication. Want to find a list of words related to pharmacy? This list of relevant terms is here to help.
antibiotic embrocation pharmaceutics poultice
antiseptic injection pharmacist prescription
apothecary liniment pharmacoepidemiology prescription drug
botanical lotion pharmacogenetics psychopharmacology
cap medication pharmacogenomics purgative
capsule medicinal pharmacognosis salve
cathartic medicine pharmacography serum
chemist neuropharmacology pharmacologic shot
cordial nostrum pharmacological supplement
dispensary ointment pharmacologist syrup
dispenser panacea pharmacology tablet
dosage patent pharmacometabolomics tincture
dose pharm pharmacopeia tonic
druggist pharmaceutic pill toxicology
drugstore pharmaceutical potion vitamin