List of 136 Words That Describe Behavior

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Need some words in the English language that refer to the way people and things act? See this list of words that describe behavior. It contains a wide range of relevant terms to help you.
aberrant cruel irritating reticent
abrasive curious jittery retiring
abusive dangerous kind rigid
active debonair laconic romantic
adaptable deceitful lazy rude
affable decisive lively salubrious
altruistic defiant logical scatterbrained
ambitious determined loner secretive
amiable docile malicious self-assured
angry domineering manic self-aware
anxious ebullient manipulative sensitive
argumentative enthusiastic maverick serious
assertive erratic mercurial shrewd
authoritative excitable moody shy
belligerent extroverted mysterious sincere
boorish faithful nervous sober
bossy finicky obnoxious spiteful
brave flaky organized strange
careless flippant outrageous taciturn
caring foolish panicky talkative
cautious funny passive thoughtful
charismatic furtive perfectionist thoughtless
charming generous persuasive threatening
compassionate gregarious pleasant timorous
conceited guarded polite trustworthy
confident hilarious pragmatic undisciplined
conscientious honorable precise unusual
considerate hubris productive vengeful
cooperative impartial protective volatile
courageous impatient recalcitrant wary
cowardly impulsive receptive witty
crazy inconsiderate reflective wonderful
creative introverted reserved zany
creepy inventive responsible zealous