List of 360 Words to Describe a Child

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Searching for a list of words to describe a child? Try this selection of relevant terms.
accomplished earnest irresistible receptive
active easygoing jocular reflective
adaptable effervescent jovial reliable
adept efficient joyful remarkable
admirable elated joyous reserved
adorable electrifying just resilient
adventurous eloquent keen resolute
affectionate empowered kind resourceful
agreeable enchanting knowledgeable respectful
alert encouraging kooky responsible
amazing endearing laid-back reverent
ambitious enduring leader sassy
amiable energetic level-headed secure
amusing engaging lively selective
analytical enigmatic logical self-accepting
animated enterprising lovable self-assured
appreciated entertaining loved self-disciplined
approachable enthusiastic lovely self-reliant
articulate entreprenurial loving sensational
artistic even-tempered loyal sensible
assertive excitable magical sensitive
assured excited magnetic sentimental
astounding experienced magnificent serene
astute extraordinary majestic serious
attentive exuberant marvelous sharp
authentic fabulous mature shrewd
awesome fair merry sincere
balanced fantastic mesmerizing skillful
beautiful fascinating methodical smart
benevolent fashionable meticulous sociable
blessed fast mindful social
blissful fearless mirthful sophisticated
boisterous fervent modest soulful
bold fierce motivated spirited
boundless fiery motivating spontaneous
brave flexible musical spunky
bright focused natural steadfast
brilliant forgiving nice steady
calm forthright non-judgmental stimulating
candid frank objective straightforward
capable free-spirited obliging strong
captivating friendly observant stunning
careful fun open successful
caring fun-loving open-hearted succinct
cautious funny open-minded supportive
charismatic generous opinionated sweet
charming gentle optimistic sympathetic
chatty genuine orderly tactful
cheerful gifted organized talented
clever giving original talkative
coherent graceful outgoing tenacious
comfortable gracious outspoken terrific
committed great outstanding thankful
communicative gregarious particular thoughtful
compassionate grounded passionate thrilled
compelling gutsy patient tidy
confident handsome peaceful tolerant
congenial happy perceptive tough
conscientious hardworking persistent tranquil
considerate harmonious persuasive trusting
consistent helpful phenomenal trustworthy
contemplative high-spirited philosophical unaffected
convivial hilarious pioneering unassuming
cool honest playful unbiased
cooperative honorable pleasant uncompromising
courageous hopeful plucky unconventional
courteous humble poetic understanding
creative humorous polite unique
credible idealistic popular unparalleled
curious imaginative positive unwavering
daring impartial powerful upbeat
dazzling important practical venturous
decisive impressive precious versatile
decorous incomparable precise vibrant
dedicated incredible proactive vigilant
deep independent prodigious vigorous
delightful industrious productive vivacious
dependable ingenious proficient warm
deserving innovative protective warmhearted
determined inquisitive proud well-behaved
devoted insightful punctual willing
dexterous inspiring purposeful wise
diligent instinctive quick witty
diplomatic intellectual quick-witted wonderful
direct intelligent quintessential wondrous
discreet intense quirky worthy
distinguished interesting radiant young
dutiful introspective radical zany
dynamic intuitive rational zealous
eager inventive realistic zestful