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India boasts the world’s second-largest population, and it’s projected to overtake China for the number one spot within the 2020s. India is a phenomenally diverse country, split into many regions with distinct cultures and languages, and one of the most prominent is Maharashtra, the second-most populous state in India and home to megacity Mumbai. India’s most industrialized state, Maharashtra is the country’s economic and commercial hub, with the largest economy in the country. So, any business looking to break into the Indian market would be wise to target Maharashtra and its Marathi-speaking population.

Here at, our Marathi translation team is proud to help businesses, researchers, authors, and others communicate in clear, natural Marathi. But we don’t just go one way—we also help Marathi speakers translate their messages into English for a worldwide audience. Our service offering applies to companies, academics, novelists, and anyone else aiming to break down language barriers—whether it’s from English to Marathi or from Marathi to English, we’re your team.

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Hire Marathi Translators Who Are Experts in Their Field

Marathi translation isn’t easy—the language is wholly distinct from English, even though they’re distant cousins in the Indo–European language family. Marathi’s 72 million speakers navigate three genders and two to four cases, depending on the analysis. Marathi’s proximity to the Dravidian languages of southern India, such as Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, has also resulted in significant Dravidian influence on the language, such as separate first-person plural pronouns depending on whether the listener is included.

One of the tricky aspects of Marathi is its split-ergativity system, where sentences formed with perfective transitive verbs or obligative verbs use an ergative structure, with all other constructions taking the nominative–accusative system English speakers are used to. In ergative marking, the subject of an intransitive verb is marked the same as the object of a transitive verb. Clearly, Marathi and English have very little in common, making translation between the two a tricky endeavor. That’s what our Marathi translators are here for—with extensive experience and expertise, they can translate just about anything to or from Marathi.

Who Are Our Marathi Translation Services Available To?

  • Businesspeople and companies. Maharashtra is the best Indian state to expand your business ventures to if you’re eying the Indian market, given its status as India’s economic and commercial hub. You could translate into Hindi, but if you really want to capture this market, you’ll need Marathi translation services to properly connect with this population. From press releases, product labels, and catalogs to business plans, corporate websites, and advertisements, our Marathi translation team can help. What if you’re a native Maharashtrian business looking to expand outward? Our translators will help translate out of Marathi as well.
  • Academics and researchers. Spreading your scholarly findings as wide as possible can transform your field—and we’re here to help Maharashtrian academics achieve just that. Our Marathi translators can translate research papers, journal articles, and more for international consumption. We can also help academics from abroad tailor their scholarly materials for a Marathi-speaking audience or Maharashtrian research subjects.
  • Authors, writers, and other creators. Marathi has a rich tradition of literature, with some texts dating back to 1000 BCE. Our Marathi translators are here to help Maharashtrian writers share the valuable stories of the state with the rest of the world. Similarly, we love translating books, poems, plays, and more into Marathi to broaden the Marathi literature scene.

We’re proud to command a highly experienced Marathi translation team with a diverse range of skills. Our translators range from business professionals to academic experts on a number of subjects, so whether your translation contains business jargon, technical terminology, or poetic language, you can trust our Marathi translators to craft the right translation for you. Our translators and clients alike come from Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Solapur, Thane, Nashik, and beyond—our services have no geographical limits.

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