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India boasts more than 450 languages across its population of more than 1 billion, and while many of these languages are small and endangered, several of them are also spoken by sizeable populations. Such is the case of Kannada, spoken by more than 55 million in India and around the world, serving as the lingua franca for the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka. At ProofreadingServices.com, our Kannada translation team can assist with all your Kannada translation needs.

Karnataka is a wealthy Indian state, featuring the fourth-largest economy in the country. It’s known as a cultural hub in India, with a literary tradition originating from the region’s historical importance as home to some of India’s largest empires and continuing on today. Kannada, spoken natively by some 66% of Karnataka’s population and learned as a second language by the state’s linguistic minorities, is also one of the classical languages of India, with literary works tracing back to 700 CE. So, Karnataka is important. If you want to break into this Indian cultural hub—or if you’re already in Karnataka and want to move outward—trust our Kannada translation team to break down the language barriers for you.

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Kannada differs from other Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi in that it’s a Dravidian language, part of a language family native to southern India. It’s written in the Kannada script, though the script heavily resembles others used in southern India. Kannada uses three genders and eight cases, and the final or initial letters of a word often mutate when the word is declined, complicating the recognition of word roots.

The Kannada verb system is also complicated, with verbs inflecting to express various grammatical information. Kannada verbs can express the past, present, and future tenses, but only in the affirmative—in modern-day Kannada, negative verb forms don’t express tense. This and the relatively free word order, with changes altering the nuance, are important to pay attention to in Kannada translation. And our Kannada translators do—with years of experience, they’re the foremost Kannada translation experts.

Take Advantage of Our Kannada Translation Services for All Sorts of Content

  • Academic papers. Whether you’re associated with Bangalore University or Kannada University, our academic Kannada translation team can work with you to translate your research papers, dissertations, and more for a global audience. Alternatively, we can help international academics get published in Kannada-language journals or create questionnaires for research in Karnataka.
  • Business materials. Karnataka is a wise choice for corporate expansion into India, and we work with businesses and managers to translate everything from business plans to product labels to press releases into natural-sounding Kannada. For native Karnataka companies, we offer the same high-quality business Kannada translation services for the English-language market.
  • Tourism collateral. Considering Karnataka’s rich cultural history, the region is a hotspot for tourism, with visitors from across India and the rest of the world clamoring to visit. Of course, tourists from outside Karnataka likely won’t understand Kannada-language texts, so to cater to foreign visitors, English-language materials are necessary. Our Kannada translation team can help.
  • Digital content. Karnataka has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in India, and that figure continues to grow year over year. The problem is that Kannada-language content on the web is scarce. But this represents a valuable opportunity for businesses, content creators, and others: translating your online material into Kannada allows you to truly stand out and cultivate an audience in Karnataka, India.

Producing high-quality Kannada translation services is our passion, so whether you order from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Hubli-Dharwad, or anywhere else, you can count on our Kannada translation experts to get the job done accurately and on time. We offer competitive rates for our top-quality work, tailoring our services to fit your specific needs.

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