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Hindi is one of the most widely natively spoken languages in the world, coming in fourth, with English in third. Hindi’s status shouldn’t come as a surprise—as the lingua franca of northern India, it’s only natural that Hindi boasts more than 320 million native speakers and 270 million second-language speakers.

India is home to many languages, including Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Gujarati. But with Hindi as the most widely spoken language, as India’s economy grows larger and larger and occupies more of the global market, professional Hindi translation services become increasingly important. Whether you’re a company, researcher, content producer, or anyone else, if you want to engage an Indian audience, high-quality Hindi translation services are the way to do it. Of course, many Hindi speakers are also looking to expand to the wider world, and’s experienced Hindi translation team can help with that, too. For all your Hindi translation needs, we’re here.

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As an Indo-European language, Hindi is related to English, albeit distantly. Does that mean Hindi is relatively easy for English speakers to learn? Not at all! The language distinguishes between masculine and feminine nouns, with different case declensions for the two. Other cases are largely marked by postpositions. The Hindi verb system is also extensive, with inflected participles representing aspect and particles expressing mood and tense. Generally, Hindi uses a subject-object-verb word order, although word order is generally fairly free, and alterations can create different nuances.

The above makes it clear that Hindi is a difficult language for English speakers to pick up, but most of the population in northern India speaks it, with many second-language speakers in other regions of the country. This makes Hindi the best medium to connect with people in northern India, and our experienced Hindi translators can expertly transform your message into Hindi. We go both ways—if you’re a Hindi speaker who wants to engage the whole world, let us translate your message from Hindi to English.

Expert Hindi Translation Services for the Following and More:

  • Research papers, journal articles, theses, questionnaires, and more. If you’re active in the academic scene in northern India, our academic Hindi translators can help you get published in an international academic journal by translating into English. If you’re a foreign researcher conducting studies on a northern Indian population, we can translate your survey into natural, easy-to-understand Hindi. Either way, we’re here for academic Hindi translation.
  • Business plans, corporate website copy, promotional content, and more. Ready to break into the promising BRICS country of India? You’ll need professional Hindi translations to communicate with Indian business partners and attract an Indian clientele. If you’re a Hindi-speaking company that’s already conquered the Indian market and is looking outward, you too can turn to us—we’ll translate your materials from Hindi into natural, flowing English.
  • Novel manuscripts, children’s books, film scripts, video games, and more. Translating creative works is a particular passion of our Hindi translators—we love to share a good story. If you have a literary text you want to market to northern Indians, we’ll translate it into Hindi, paying close attention to the specific nuances. If you’re a Hindi-speaking creator and want the whole world to enjoy your content, allow us to translate it into English with all the same care.

From Delhi, Raipur, or Indore to Jamshedpur or Patna, our Hindi translation experts are here to serve you and your unique translation needs. Whether you require punchy ad copy translation, meticulously precise academic translation, or engaging literary translation, we’re here to get the job done—from English to Hindi or from Hindi to English. We respect your time and allow you to choose the turnaround time—no matter what you choose, we guarantee timely delivery.

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