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In India and Pakistan—two countries with extreme linguistic diversity—one language dominates the shared Punjab region. The Punjabi language is spoken by more than 113 million people, with around 80 million speakers in Pakistan and 30 million in India, making it one of the biggest languages in the world. The Punjabi diaspora is also massive, with large Punjabi-speaking communities found in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re looking to expand business operations to the Punjab region of Pakistan or India, disseminate your Punjabi-language research paper to international peers, or cater to your local Punjabi-speaking community in Toronto or Los Angeles, the Punjabi translation team at can help you achieve your goals. With tailored translations to suit clients’ individual needs, our translators have already assisted countless people in need of Punjabi translation services.

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Punjabi Translations for Those Who Value Quality

If you think translating Punjabi is easy, you’d be mistaken. Though distantly related to English as an Indo-European language, Punjabi is, in practice, nothing like English. With two genders and five cases, Punjabi is morphologically complex. Masculine nouns are even more complicated, divided into “extended” and “unextended” declension classes. Adjectives follow a similar pattern, with declinable adjectives marked for gender, number, and case, but indeclinable nouns left alone.

Further diverging from English, Punjabi uses postpositions instead of prepositions. Verbs are complex, conjugating for tense, aspect, and mood. Generally, the verb agrees with the subject, but in transitive perfective sentences, it agrees with the direct object, and the subject takes an ergative marker, giving Punjabi a split ergativity system. What makes Punjabi translation particularly challenging is the multiple writing systems it uses—a modified version of the Arabic script in Pakistan and the Gurmukhi script in India. But don’t worry—our Punjabi translators are fluent in both scripts and can work with materials to or from either script. As bona fide experts, our Punjabi translators can effortlessly tackle the challenges of Punjabi translation.

A Few Examples of What We Translate to or from Punjabi:

  • Business materials: From business plans to press releases to web and corporate blog content, our business Punjabi translators are dedicated to helping your business succeed. If you’re taking your business to Pakistan or India, we’ll help you cater to your new clientele, and if you’re a Punjabi business ready to take on the rest of the world, we’ll help you make a name for yourself.
  • Academic papers: Across the Punjab region, academics and researchers conduct groundbreaking studies that, due to the Punjabi–English language barrier, attract little attention from the international scholarly community. Our academic Punjabi translators are here to help translate Punjabi-language journal articles and papers to English, following all the academic writing conventions, to help Punjabi academics move forward with their work. Of course, we’re also available to help international researchers, whether they want to connect with Punjabi-speaking peers or distribute a questionnaire to a Punjabi-speaking population.
  • Digital content: Indians and Pakistanis are increasingly becoming connected online, and Punjabi speakers are a large part of this digitization. However, though Punjabi is a massive language, digital content in the language is scarce. Our Punjabi translators are passionate about helping businesses, organizations, creatives, and others translate their websites, blogs, apps, programs, and games into Punjabi to capture an underserved market in the digital landscape, standing out in the process.

Our Punjabi translators work hard to serve our diverse clientele, whether they’re from Karachi, Amritsar, Lahore, Ludhiana, or anywhere else. From businesspeople to researchers to content creators, anyone in need of Punjabi translation services can find what they need with our diverse and highly skilled team of Punjabi translators. You choose the deadline, conditions, and even the script—and our Punjabi translators will craft the best Punjabi translation for you.

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