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Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan—and that’s no small deal. Pakistan, with more than 225 million people, is a significant force on the global stage, especially as its GDP continues to rise ever higher. Pakistan is predicted to develop into a major world economy within the next century, so foreign companies would be wise to jump in now and establish a presence before Pakistan’s economy really takes off. And Urdu translation services will help you achieve that goal.

Urdu translation services are also necessary for the many Pakistani companies moving into the global market and expanding Pakistan’s economy and trade around the world. Whether you’re targeting a global audience or a localized Pakistani one, communication in the regional lingua franca is vital. At, our Urdu translation team can help you translate to or from Urdu to achieve all your business goals. We also work with academics, authors, and anyone else.

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Translating Urdu Carefully and Professionally

What is Urdu, anyway? Urdu is remarkably similar to Hindi in neighboring India—in fact, they are considered separate standardized versions of the same Hindustani language. They are mutually intelligible in colloquial speech, but since they use different writing systems—a modified Arabic script for Urdu and the Devanagari script for Hindi—they are mutually unintelligible in writing.

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language, related distantly to most European languages. It contains two genders and three cases—nominative, oblique, and vocative. However, the case system is more expansive when postpositional case markers are counted, most of which align with the oblique inflection of the noun.

One notable feature of Urdu is its split-ergativity system. For the most part, Urdu follows a nominative–accusative system, like most European languages, where the verb agrees with the subject in both transitive and intransitive sentences. However, in transitive perfective statements, the verb agrees with the direct object instead, and the subject takes the ergative postposition. Such features can be confusing and demand the expertise of an experienced translator, like the ones on our Urdu translation team.

Urdu Translation Services Accessible by Anyone

  • Expanding your business into Pakistan? Or maybe you’re a Pakistani company eying global expansion? In either case, our business Urdu translators can help you meet your corporate goals. Whether you need Urdu translations of your business plans, financial statements, press releases, employment contracts, advertisements, or web copy, our translators know precisely how to craft Urdu translations that succeed in the business world.
  • Are you a Pakistani scholar who wants to make your findings accessible to the international academic community? Or perhaps you’re a foreign academic who wants to connect with Pakistani research subjects. No matter what your academic goals are, our academic Urdu translators can assist you in meeting them. Our translators are experts in their respective fields, so even if your text contains esoteric jargon, our translators are here to help.
  • Have you written an Urdu-language book that you’d like to sell internationally? Or are you an English-language creative looking to engage the Pakistani population with your content? Our Urdu translators understand the challenges of literary translation and the need to carefully reflect the same nuances as the original text. With all our expertise, you can rest assured that our Urdu translations will deliver the full experience of your content to your target audience.

Clients from Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, and elsewhere around the world have entrusted their business, academic, literary, and personal documents to our skilled Urdu translators. We work carefully to craft the translation you need, always willing to accommodate your special requests. As for the turnaround, it’s entirely up to you—select the deadline that works best for you, and we guarantee we’ll meet it.

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