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The status of the Moldovan language is contested—Moldova officially recognizes its language as “Moldovan” and “Romanian,” with the constitution giving preference to Romanian. Opinions within Moldova are also mixed, with some Moldovans claiming their language to be Moldovan and others Romanian—even though they speak the same language.

Undisputed is the name “Moldovan” for the language in the breakaway state of Transnistria, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet as opposed to the Latin alphabet used in the rest of Moldova. Transnistria, a landlocked autonomous region nestled between Moldova and Ukraine, has enjoyed continuous trade relations with Moldova and Ukraine despite a tense political situation, and as a de jure part of Moldova, Transnistria enjoys tariff-free trade relations with the European Union, strengthening its economic profile.

Whether you’re targeting Moldova or Transnistria—or are from Moldova or Transnistria—’s Moldovan translation services team can help you. Just reach out to us today to see a free quote for our Moldovan translation services.

Trust the Experts When It Comes to Moldovan Translation

Moldovan is a Romance language with strong influences from the numerous Slavic languages that surround it. While Moldovan exhibits a number of differences from most others in the Romance family, it has also preserved certain features of Latin lost elsewhere, perhaps due to its relative isolation. The language features three genders and three cases, making its morphology more complicated than that of typical Romance languages, and it appends definite and indefinite articles to the end of nouns instead of placing them before them.

As in most Romance languages, Moldovan verbs conjugate for person, number, tense, mood, and voice, resulting in a convoluted conjugation table daunting for those learning the language. Conjugation patterns differ based on the composition of the verb, further complicating matters. Sound difficult? It is—but our Moldovan translation experts have you covered. As bona fide Moldovan-language experts, our translators can accommodate all your Moldovan translation needs.

What Sort of Documents Do You Need Translated to or from Moldovan?

  • Business documents: If you want to take corporate operations to Moldova or Transnistria, Moldovan translation services for your business materials are imperative. Whether it’s your business plan, press releases, or product labels, tailored Moldovan translations will help you capture this market. Moldovan businesses similarly need reliable Moldovan-to-English translations to take their business abroad, which we provide proudly.
  • Academic documents: Whether you’re a Moldovan scholar with important discoveries you’d like to share with your academic peers abroad or a foreign researcher with a questionnaire for Moldovan speakers, our Moldovan translators can help. We have translators with expertise in a wide range of domains, so we can help regardless of your field.
  • Literary documents: Our literary Moldovan translation team proudly works with authors around the world to accommodate their Moldovan translation needs. Whether you’re a Moldovan author looking for translation into English to market your story internationally or a foreign writer targeting the population of Moldova for your latest work, our experience enables us to craft careful literary translations that remain loyal to the original.

From Chișinău to Tiraspol to Bălți to Rîbnița, we serve clients who need high-quality Moldovan translations, no matter what their field is. We work with businesspeople, academics, authors, and individuals to craft translations that work for them, whether it’s to or from Moldovan. We can work with original Moldovan texts in either the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, and we can produce Moldovan translations in either script, too—just let us know what you’re looking for. We translate according to your schedule, with 24/7 availability and several turnaround options to choose from—and we guarantee timely delivery.

We’re eager to start your Moldovan translation project. Send us a message today to discuss the details or see a quote.

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