List of 181 Nouns of Assemblage

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A noun of assemblage is a collective noun that refers to a group of animals of the same kind. Here's a list of nouns of assemblage.
People / Animals / Things Noun of Assemblage Example
academics faculty A faculty of academics
actors troupe A troupe of actors
actors cast A cast of actors
actors company A company of actors
admirals bridge A bridge of admirals
angels host A host of angels
angels chorus A chorus of angels
angels choir A choir of angels
antelope herd A herd of antelope
ants colony A colony of ants
ants bike A bike of ants
ants nest A nest of ants
ants army An army of ants
apes shrewdness A shrewdness of apes
apes troop A troop of apes
asses herd A herd of asses
asses pace A pace of asses
baboons flange A flange of baboons
baboons troop A troop of baboons
bacteria culture A culture of bacteria
badgers cete A cete of badgers
bananas bunch A bunch of bananas
bats colony A colony of bats
bears sloth A sloth of bears
bears sleuth A sleuth of bears
bees colony A colony of bees
bees swarm A swarm of bees
birds flock A flock of birds
birds flight A flight of birds
bishops bench A bench of bishops
bitterns sedge A sedge of bitterns
boar singularity A singularity of (wild) boar
boys blush A blush of boys
buffalos herd A herd of buffalos
butterflies swarm A swarm of butterflies
butterflies kaleidoscope A kaleidoscope of butterflies
butterflies flutter A flutter of butterflies
buzzards wake A wake of buzzards
cards deck A deck of cards
cats clowder A clowder of cats
cats glaring A glaring of cats
cheetahs coalition A coalition of cheetahs
chickens brood A brood of chickens
choughs chattering A chattering of choughs
clowns alley An alley of clowns
cockroaches intrusion An intrusion of cockroaches
convicts gang A gang of convicts
coots covert A covert of coots
cows herd A herd of cows
cranes herd A herd of cranes
crocodiles bask A bask of crocodiles
crows murder A murder of crows
cubs litter A litter of cubs
curlews herd A herd of curlews
dancers troupe A troupe of dancers
deer herd A herd of deer
doctors doctrine A doctrine of doctors
dogs pack A pack of dogs
dolphins pod A pod of dolphins
doves flight A flight of doves
dragons blaze A blaze of dragons
ducks paddling A paddling of ducks (on water)
ducks team A team of ducks (in flight)
eagles convocation A convocation of eagles
eggs clutch A clutch of eggs
elephants herd A herd of elephants
elk gang A gang of elk
employees staff A staff of employees
emus mob A mob of emus
ferrets business A business of ferrets
finches charm A charm of finches
fish school A school of fish
fish shoal A shoal of fish
flamingos flamboyance A flamboyance of flamingos
flies swarm A swarm of flies
footballers eleven An eleven of footballers
footballers team A team of footballers
foxes skulk A skulk of foxes
fry nursery A nursery of fry
geese gaggle A gaggle of geese
geese skein A skein of geese (in flight)
giraffes tower A tower of giraffes
giraffes caravan A caravan of (walking) giraffes
girls bevy A bevy of girls
gnats swarm A swarm of gnats
gnats cloud A cloud of gnats
gnus herd A herd of gnus
gnus implausibility An implausibility of gnus
goats herd A herd of goats
gods pantheon A pantheon of gods
hares drove A drove of hares
hares husk A husk of hares
hawks boil A boil of hawks
hawks cast A cast of hawks
hawks kettle A kettle of hawks
hippos bloat A bloat of hippos
horses stable A stable of horses
horses team A team of horses
hounds cry A cry of hounds
hounds pack A pack of hounds
hyenas cackle A cackle of hyenas
insects swarm A swarm of insects
islands archipelago An archipelago of islands
islands chain A chain of islands
islands cluster A cluster of islands
jellyfish smack A smack of jellyfish
kangaroos troop A troop of kangaroos
kittens kindle A kindle of kittens
kittens litter A litter of kittens
larks exaltation An exaltation of larks
leaves pile A pile of leaves
leopards leap A leap of leopards
lice flock A flock of lice
lies pack A pack of lies
lies web A web of lies
lions pride A pride of lions
mallard sord A sord of mallard
mallard sute A sute of mallard
martens richness A richness of martens
mice mischief A mischief of mice
mistakes bunch A bunch of mistakes
monkeys troop A troop of monkeys
mules barren A barren of mules
nightingales watch A watch of nightingales
nuns superfluity A superfluity of nuns
nuns convent A convent of nuns
otters romp A romp of otters
owls parliament A parliament of owls
owls stare A stare of owls
oxen drove A drove of oxen
oxen yoke A yoke of oxen
parrots company A company of parrots
peacocks ostentation An ostentation of peacocks
pigeons kit A kit of pigeons
piglets farrow A farrow of piglets
piglets litter A litter of piglets
pigs herd A herd of pigs
pigs sounder A sounder of (wild) pigs
plovers congregation A congregation of plovers
plovers wing A wing of plovers (in flight)
ponies string A string of ponies
porpoises school A school of porpoises
porpoises pod A pod of porpoises
puppies litter A litter of puppies
quail bevy A bevy of quail
quail flock A flock of quail
rabbits warren A warren of rabbits
raccoons nursery A nursery of raccoons
rats mischief A mischief of rats
ravens conspiracy A conspiracy of ravens
rhinoceroses crash A crash of rhinoceroses
rooks parliament A parliament of rooks
sea otters raft A raft of sea otters
seals pod A pod of seals
sharks shiver A shiver of sharks
sheep flock A flock of sheep
snails rout A rout of snails
squirrels scurry A scurry of squirrels
stairs flight A flight of stairs
starlings murmuration A murmuration of starlings
swans lamentation A lamentation of swans
terriers terror A terror of terriers
thieves gang A gang of thieves
thugs gang A gang of thugs
tigers ambush An ambush of tigers
toads knot A knot of toads
turkeys rafter A rafter of turkeys
turtles bale A bale of turtles
unicorns glory A glory of unicorns
whalers gam A gam of whalers
whales gam A gam of whales
whales pod A pod of whales
whales school A school of whales
wildfowl bunch A bunch of wildfowl
wildfowl plump A plump of wildfowl
wildfowl trip A trip of wildfowl
witches coven A coven of witches
wolves pack A pack of wolves
wolves rout A rout of wolves
wombats wisdom A wisdom of wombats
zebras dazzle A dazzle of zebras