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Ossetia is an ethnolinguistic territory in the northern Caucasian region, divided into North Ossetia–Alania in Russia and the partially recognized de facto autonomous region of South Ossetia in Georgia. In both countries, the Ossetian people have retained their ethnic and linguistic identity, and Ossetian continues to be widely spoken in the region. North Ossetia’s economy has blossomed in recent years, increasing Ossetian’s importance as a language on the global stage.

If you’re a business, artist, or anyone else eying Ossetia, purchasing Ossetian translation services is the most effective way to reach this proud ethnolinguistic group. At the same time that foreign entities move into Ossetia, native Ossetians are taking their content abroad. Of course, for this, translation into English is necessary. Finding high-quality translation services for Ossetian can be challenging, since most translation agencies overlook minority languages. But at, we’re proud to lead an experienced Ossetian translation team to serve the needs of this important linguistic niche.

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Experts in Ossetian Translation

North Ossetia–Alania is the only Russian republic whose constituent language is Indo–European. This means Ossetian is related to English, but only distantly. In reality, no English speaker without deep linguistic knowledge would find any familiarity in the language. For one thing, it’s written in the Cyrillic alphabet, like most minority languages in Russia are, making it impossible for English speakers to read. But the grammar is also foreign, with nine cases rendering Ossetian a morphologically complex language.

The Ossetian verb system tends to be complicated as well, with verbs declining for person, tense, mood, and aspect. These inflections take different forms for transitive and intransitive verbs and use different stems of the verb depending on the tense. Thanks to the large number of cases, the word order is fairly flexible, although it tends toward subject-object-verb. Grammatical features can differ fairly significantly between Ossetian’s two major dialects, Iron and Digor, so translators must take special care when translating. Definiteness is also only marked through vowel stress and is not written, which can further complicate Ossetian translation.

Our Ossetian translators are bona fide experts with extensive experience, so these challenges don’t trip them up. We bring unwavering quality to all our Ossetian translations.

Let’s Translate Your Document to or from Ossetian!

Our Ossetian translators are passionate about helping Ossetian speakers connect with the rest of the world. We’re happy to translate a number of different documents for you, including the following:

  • Business documents. If you’re moving into the Ossetian-speaking region—whether North Ossetia or South Ossetia—you’ll need precise Ossetian translations to communicate smoothly with your new customer base. Though Russian is also widely used particularly in North Ossetia, the Ossetian people respond more positively to native-language material and reward corporate investment in their language with more attention and loyalty. We’re also available to translate Ossetian-language corporate materials like financial reports and advertisements into English for global reach.
  • Academic documents. We’re proud to stand alongside Ossetian academics as they forge new knowledge frontiers and uncover the secrets of the world. No matter what subject you study, you can trust our translators to provide crisp, concise translations of your Ossetian theses and papers for international consumption. We’re also here for researchers from abroad who want to connect with the Ossetian population.
  • Literary works. We’re firm believers in the power of literature, and everyone deserves to read good stories in their native language. Unfortunately, not many authors translate their books into Ossetian, but that can be good news for you: you can stand out by translating your work into Ossetian. Our translators can also work with Ossetian writers who want to make it big internationally by translating into English.

Those who need Ossetian translation services can rejoice—our team assists people in Vladikavkaz, Tskhinvali, Mozdok, Beslan, Digora, and beyond. Our mission is to produce high-quality Ossetian translations you can rely on, whether you’re a business, researcher, or novelist. With a range of turnaround times to suit any schedule, you can rest assured we’ll deliver your translation on time, as well.

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