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The Georgian language is a unique one. Boasting more than 3.5 million speakers and constituting the largest member of the Kartvelian language family, Georgian bears no resemblance to its neighboring languages Armenian, Azeri, Turkish, or Russian. It’s famous for its complicated grammar, difficult phonemes, and unique script, which is used only in Georgia.

Georgia isn’t the only home to Georgian communities—Georgian speakers can also be found in Russia, Turkey, Greece, and the United States (yes, even in the US state of Georgia). Georgia is also increasing its economic prowess, making it a wise market for businesses, researchers, creatives, and others to break into with Georgian translation services. At, we enjoy helping international clients translate materials into Georgian, and we’re also passionate about assisting Georgian-speaking clients with their translations out of the language.

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Complicated Georgian Translation Is No Challenge for Us

If you set out to learn Georgian, you’d have quite a journey ahead of you—difficult consonant clusters are common and can reach up to six consonants in the most extreme cases. As a heavily agglutinating language, Georgian expresses grammatical information through a series of affixes appended to verbs, which can make for extremely long words. Even more complicated, though, is the Georgian system of verb categories, which affect the construction of verbal expressions. Georgian also doesn’t mark tense in the way English traditionally does, adding even more complexity.

Understandably, Georgian doesn’t have many second-language speakers outside of Georgia itself. It’s not an easy language to translate, either, presenting translators with various challenges. However, the skilled translators on our Georgian translation team have been translating Georgian for years and have perfected the art of translation in this tricky Kartvelian language.

Our Georgian Translation Services Are Available for a Range of Materials:

  • Business documents. Our Georgian translators can help you reach a new customer base for your business, whether you’re targeting the 3.5 million speakers of Georgian or the 2 billion speakers of English. From business plans and financial reports to brochures, posters, and advertisements, our Georgian business translation services are for you.
  • Creative materials. Whether you’ve written a book, produced a short film, or developed a video game, our Georgian translators want to help you spread your work to new audiences. We’re masters at translating creative works into Georgian, and we’re also experts at translating Georgian works into English.
  • Legal documents. We work with a legal translation firm with an expert legal Georgian translation team to help you translate your legal documents to or from Georgian. If you need a contract or agreement translated into Georgian, we can help you with that, and if you need a translation of a Georgian-language patent or privacy policy into English, we can do that, too.
  • Technical documents. Our Georgian translation team can even translate technical documents with complicated language and jargon, such as user manuals, training materials, and technical guides. We can translate both to and from Georgian, so you can rely on us for all your Georgian translation needs.

We’ve crafted Georgian translations for clients in Tbilisi, Batumi, Artvin, Moscow, and elsewhere in the world—your location doesn’t matter. If you have an Internet connection, you can order our Georgian translation services, which we can tailor to meet your specific translation needs. The deadline is also up to you—we have a variety of turnarounds to choose from, and we guarantee timely delivery every time.

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