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Given that Azerbaijani is a lesser-known language spoken in the Caucasus region, on a global level, it tends to be overlooked. This is a mistake—Azerbaijani is the most widely spoken language in the rapidly developing Caucasus region, spoken by around 9 million in Azerbaijan itself and another 10 million in the northern part of Iran. Parts of Russia, Turkey, Iraq, and Georgia are also home to native Azerbaijani speakers.

Thus, content in Azerbaijani offers a large audience, and translation into Azerbaijani is recommended for anyone who wishes to spread their message in the general region. At the same time, Azerbaijani speakers may wish to expand their reach beyond the Azerbaijani Sprachraum. Depending on the location of the speaker, translation services into the widely spoken languages of Russian, Persian, Turkish, or Arabic may exist, but to reach a potential readership of more than two billion, English is the only option.

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Trust Seasoned Professionals with Your Azerbaijani Translation Project

Azerbaijani, which is sometimes called Azeri, is a Turkic language. That’s not the same thing as Turkish, though Turkish is also in the Turkic language family. Like most Turkic languages, it makes heavy use of agglutination to form words, which means it attaches several suffixes to a single root word to change the meaning or add extra nuance. In some cases, eliminating just one of the suffixes can change the entire sentence, so Azerbaijani translators must work with care. Fortunately, that’s precisely how our Azerbaijani translators work. We take pride in crafting high-quality Azerbaijani translations that accurately represent the content and feeling of the original text, whether it’s in Azerbaijani or English. Here at, Azerbaijani translation services are our passion.

What Can We Translate into or from Azerbaijani for You?

  • We work with companies both in and outside of the Azerbaijani-speaking world to provide our high-quality Azerbaijani translation services. We can make sure your business reports, user testimonials, brochures, marketing materials, and more read naturally in Azerbaijani or English, depending on the direction of your translation project.
  • Our translators work with scholars from reputable Azerbaijani universities like Khazar University to help them translate their work into English. Whether you have a journal article, a dissertation, or an essay, our translators can help you spread it around the world. We also work with academics and researchers looking to conduct studies in the Azerbaijani-speaking world.​
  • In partnership with a legal translation firm, we can offer Azerbaijani translation services for legal documents as well. Such documents require a refined knowledge of technical jargon in both Azerbaijani and English, and that’s precisely what our partners possess. So, for translations of affidavits, contracts, deeds of trust, and more, trust our Azerbaijani translation partners.

From Baku to Ganja, to Tabriz, to Makhachkala, our Azerbaijani translation services are available to clients from all over the world. We’re passionate about assisting Azerbaijani speakers with their expansion abroad as well as helping English speakers break into the important Azerbaijani-speaking world. With us, you can expect top-level Azerbaijani translations always delivered by your specified deadline.

Reach out today to ask more questions about our Azerbaijani translation services or to request a free quote.

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