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With more than 110 million speakers, Persian is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. The majority of speakers live in Iran, where the language is also called Farsi, but pockets of speakers can be found in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, and Turkey. As the language is a key means of communication in Central Asia, Persian translation services can prove invaluable to companies, researchers, authors, and others looking to break down this language barrier.

With Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries continuously developing their economies and infrastructure, expanding into the Iranian and nearby markets can prove profitable for a corporation. At the same time, native companies in these countries stand to grow significantly through international expansion. No matter why you need Persian translation services, you can trust the Persian translation team at to provide tailored, high-quality translations.

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Persian Translation Is Hard—But Not for Our Translators

Though it may be a surprise to many, Persian is not related to Arabic, even though it uses the Arabic script. Instead, as an Indo-European language, it’s related to English, albeit distantly. Unlike many Indo-European languages, Persian lacks grammatical gender and does not mark natural gender in pronouns. As a pro-drop language, Persian often omits pronouns, and since word order places the verb at the end, the subject is often unknown until the end of a sentence.

Persian verbs are fairly complicated, taking a number of affixes to mark tense, aspect, mood, person, object, and negation. Different personal suffixes may be used in colloquial and literary language, requiring a translator to acquaint themselves sufficiently with the context of a document. Persian also makes heavy use of “light verbs,” where multi-purpose verbs like “to do” are coupled with nouns to create noun phrases. In fact, light verbs may be added after adjectives, prepositions, or prepositional phrases as well, allowing for substantial expressiveness in Persian. Translators must be well versed in these intricate aspects of Persian and understand how to best transport meaning between Persian and English to create high-quality Persian translations. With years of experience, our translators have this knowledge.

We’re Excited to Help You with Your Persian Translation Needs For…

  • Literature. A language as influential as Persian commands a longstanding literary tradition, and our translators are passionate about helping Persian writers share their works with the world. Equally, we believe Persian speakers should have access to literature and other media in their native language, and we work with foreign authors to bring their works to Iran and other Persian-speaking areas.
  • Business matters. Our business Persian translators understand the importance of high-quality translations for product packaging, advertisements, website copy, employment contracts, and more. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping foreign companies expanding into Iran and elsewhere translate their materials into natural-sounding Persian. It’s also why we work so hard to help Persian-speaking companies translate their business content into English for the global market.
  • Academic content. Iran boasts a wealth of universities, and while significant academic work is conducted at these and other Persian-speaking educational institutes, little of it is shared with the international academic community due to linguistic obstacles. Our Persian translators are here to help Persian-speaking scholars translate their research papers, theses, and more for a global reach. Of course, we also help foreign academics translate into Persian.

Whether you need translation into Persian or out of it, our Persian translation experts are well equipped to help you. We’re proud to serve clients from all kinds of backgrounds from Dushanbe, Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Karaj, and all sorts of other places. We can guarantee a translation crafted 100% by human translators—never machine translators—and a timely delivery, thanks to our extensive selection of turnaround options. If you have special requirements, let us know—we’ll make sure your translation fits your needs.

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