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Tajikistan, a small landlocked country in Central Asia, is often underestimated on the global stage—but this Central Asian nation has steadily raised its GDP over the past two decades. Tajikistan may not be an advanced economy quite yet, but the country is growing and developing, and foreign businesses may wish to jump in as the economy grows ever more. At the same time, Tajik businesses and researchers are increasingly eying the outside world as their country grows.

The state language of Tajikistan is, naturally, Tajik, although Russian is also widely spoken, a relic of Tajikistan’s past in the Soviet Union. Most Tajiks speak Tajik as their native language, and it’s the language they’re most comfortable with, so it’s the language they like to shop and read in. So, if you’re a foreign business or author eying the Tajik market, Tajik translation services are a must. And if you’re a Tajik business or author looking to the international market, you’ll need English, not Russian. This is where’s Tajik translation team comes in.

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What Does Tajik Translation Encompass?

Tajik is an Indo–European language, which makes it related to English—but only distantly. Tajik is the official, standardized form of Persian spoken in Tajikistan, so Tajik speakers can easily understand Persian speakers in Iran and Dari speakers in Afghanistan, as well as, of course, the Tajik-speaking minorities in Uzbekistan and Russia. Altogether, around 8 million people speak Tajik.

Tajik grammar is largely the same as Persian grammar, but there are notable differences that necessitate a dedicated Tajik translation service. One is the way the present progressive tense is constructed, with Persian using the auxiliary “have” and Tajik building a present progressive participle by combining the words “stand” and “to be.” Tajik also uses a number of Russian loanwords, distinguishing it from Persian. Finally, while Persian uses a modified Arabic script, Tajik uses a modified Cyrillic alphabet, although it historically used the Latin and Arabic scripts.

Our professional Tajik translators are experts in the differences between Tajik and Persian and know precisely how to transmit meaning accurately between Tajik and English. If you’re looking for quality, look to us.

Tajik Translation Services for All Occasions

What do you need Tajik translation services for? Our translation experts are available for the following and more:

  • Academic Tajik translation. Universities across Tajikistan produce diligent scholars who conduct pertinent research, but the language barrier prevents them from sharing their work more widely. Our Tajik translators are familiar with a wide range of subjects, giving them the expertise necessary to translate Tajik-language theses, research papers, and more. Our translators also work with international academics who want to connect with Tajik-speaking colleagues or research subjects.
  • Business Tajik translation. Want to dive into the Tajik market as Tajikistan increasingly develops its economy? Great move—but you’ll need Tajik translations to engage the community. Or maybe you’re a Tajik business aiming to take your products and services to the rest of the world—but English is necessary for that. In either case, our Tajik translation team can craft high-quality translations of business reports, employment contracts, press releases, and more to spur your corporate expansion.
  • Literary Tajik translation. Are you a Tajik author or content creator? If you want to share your work with the world, there’s only one way to do it—professional Tajik translation services. The opposite also applies: if you’re a foreign writer, consider catering to the Tajik market. In both directions, our Tajik translation team is eager to faithfully translate your prose between Tajik and English.

Businesses, authors, and researchers alike can benefit from our careful and precise Tajik translation services, which are open to clients from Dushanbe, Khujand, Qurghonteppa, Kulob, and beyond. We take special care to accommodate our clients’ special requests, providing tailored Tajik translations that fit each client’s individual needs. We’re mindful of the deadline you choose, always completing our high-quality translations on time.

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