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Dari is the most widely spoken language in Afghanistan, sharing official status with Pashto. Most governmental affairs are carried out in Dari, making it an important lingua franca for the ethnically diverse country. Almost 80% of Afghans—around 20 million people—speak the language, and its mutual intelligibility with Persian in Iran only serves to increase the reach of the language. Businesses, researchers, artists, and others who want to reach the Afghan population can do so most effectively with Dari translations.

Here at, we offer a professional Dari translation service for anyone looking to communicate with the Afghan people—and for Dari speakers to spread their message abroad. Our carefully selected team of Dari translation experts are experienced in a variety of translation domains, from business to academia to literature, allowing us to provide pinpointed translations tailored for your unique needs.

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Why Hire Professional Dari Translators?

Dari is in many regards a dialect of Persian, and as such, its grammar is remarkably similar to that of Persian. Both languages are written in the Arabic script, so they are mutually intelligible in both speech and writing. Having evolved independently in separate countries, however, Dari and Persian have developed somewhat different lexicons, with Dari typically containing more English loanwords and different Arabic loanwords.

Grammatical differences also exist between Dari and Persian. In both cases, the language undergoes changes between formal and colloquial usage, but the colloquial forms may differ. Persian also uses a particle in the present progressive tense construction that Dari doesn’t, and Dari uses a diminutive suffix that Persian doesn’t. Differences like this highlight the importance of hiring a practiced Dari translation team to provide tailored Dari-language translations. Whether you’re translating into or out of Dari, our professional Dari translators can provide specialized translations that serve the needs of Dari speakers and convey messages effectively between Dari and English. Dari speakers will appreciate your investment in their language, resulting in a more precise and localized translation.

What Kind of Dari Translation Services Do We Offer?

We value the diversity of our Dari translation clients. That’s why we offer a number of tailored translation services, such as the following:

  • Academic translation. Afghanistan’s academics must master English to break into the international academic scene—and even then, grammatical mistakes, awkward formulations, and ambiguities can dramatically downgrade their scholarly achievements. Hiring professional Dari translators is the most effective path toward publication in international journals. Our Dari translators are also proud to work with foreign researchers connecting with Dari-speaking research participants.
  • Literary translation. Dari literature is worth sharing with the world. This belief is what drives our Dari translators to offer high-quality literary translation from Dari to English, allowing people from around the world to engage in Dari stories. Our skilled literary translators can also translate literature from the English-speaking world into Dari to broaden the literary landscape in Afghanistan.
  • Official translation. Any individual who needs official or certified Dari translation can trust our seasoned experts to provide this tailored translation service. Whether you need a translation of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, university transcript, or anything else, our Dari translators can craft it, also providing a statement of utmost accuracy and accompanying certification. Governments and official bodies worldwide accept our certified translations.

Our Dari translation services are available all over Afghanistan and beyond. That means you can hire us whether you’re in Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Jalalabad, or even New York or Moscow. We discuss your individual needs for your project and specially tailor our Dari translation services to meet your specifications, so you end up with a professional, individualized translation delivered by the deadline you choose. That’s the translation quality guarantee.

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