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If you’re looking for a new market, why not consider Afghanistan and Pakistan? Expanding your business or creative endeavors into this region could help you stand out and secure a piece of the market as these countries increasingly develop their economic sectors. Afghanistan’s GDP is growing year over year, and Pakistan is poised to become one of the “Next Eleven” major global economies in the 21st century. Under these circumstances, it makes perfect sense to establish your business ahead of the crowd.

While both Afghanistan and Pakistan are fairly multilingual countries, with different portions of the population speaking different native languages, Pashto is a major language in both. In Afghanistan, around 50% of the population speaks it (with Dari, a form of Persian, accounting for much of the remaining population), while around 18% of the Pakistani population are native speakers. So, if you’re looking to move into this market, Pashto translation services are imperative. And if you’re looking to move out of this market, this equally applies. Fortunately,’s Pashto translation team covers both directions.

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Don’t Trust Amateurs with Pashto Translation Services

Pashto, as an Indo-European language, may be related to English, but only trained linguists can understand the similarities. In effect, Pashto is dramatically different from English. Spoken by 45 to 60 million people worldwide, Pashto is a grammatically complex language with two genders and four cases. Pashto differentiates between visible and nonvisible third-person pronouns, and nominal inflection depends on the noun class, of which there are several.

Pashto verbs, which come in four different categories, conjugate for three tenses and two aspects. Pashto verb conjugation is informed by a complex system wherein alterations can result in different nuances, complicating translation efforts. The language also exhibits split ergativity—in most cases, the verb agrees with the subject, but when using any past tense to describe a completed action, the verb agrees with the object. Adpositions are also tricky in Pashto—the language is overflowing with prepositions, postpositions, and even circumpositions. Needless to say, translating Pashto is no easy task—but for experts like our Pashto translators, it’s not so hard.

To or from Pashto, We Can Translate Just About Anything

  • Academic papers: Pashto-speaking scholars regularly make important academic breakthroughs, but the language barrier hinders them from publishing their findings more widely. Our Pashto translators are proud to help Afghani and Pakistani academics publish their works in international journals. We also assist researchers with surveys and questionnaires for Pashto-speaking subjects with clear, lucid Pashto translations, furthering research efforts in the region.
  • Business content: The Afghani and Pakistani markets are continuously growing, and our business Pashto translators are here to help you claim a chunk of this budding market. We also assist local businesses in their foreign expansion, strengthening the economic development of these countries. Whether you need Pashto translation services for your product descriptions, promotional documents, business plan, or anything else, we can help.
  • Literary works. Pashto has a longstanding literary tradition, and our Pashto translators are here to help spread Pashto stories, both modern and historical, to new readers around the world. Simultaneously, we help bring new stories and literary works to Pashto speakers through expert translation. For either service, our translators pay close attention to the original for the most faithful translation.

​At, our number one mission is translation quality. We’re passionate about helping Pashto speakers—and those who want to connect with Pashto speakers—communicate their message to a broader audience. We only hire professional Pashto translators with extensive experience, and we can guarantee our translations are 100% crafted by human translators. We work with clients from Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kandahar, and more—location is no object. Neither is time—simply choose the turnaround time that works for you, and we’ll deliver your translation before that deadline.

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