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Are you a foreign business looking for opportunity in Uzbekistan? Or are you an Uzbek company hoping to spread abroad? With Uzbekistan’s developing market, both routes are becoming increasingly possible and popular. Uzbekistan’s economy has been generally growing over the past two decades, rising significantly since 2000. Uzbekistan is the largest energy producer in Central Asia, and it boasts a high human development index rating. With only improvements forecast for the landlocked nation, it’s a great time to dive into the Uzbek market—and for Uzbek companies to expand their business.

Of course, the Uzbek–English language barrier is a major obstacle. But don’t worry—here at, we’ve compiled a top-level Uzbek translation team eager to help you with your Uzbek translation projects, whether it’s to or from the Turkic language. Our Uzbek translation team works with businesspeople, researchers, authors, and countless others to ensure smooth communication between Uzbekistan and the rest of the world.

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What Makes Uzbek Hard to Translate?

The 34 million speakers of Uzbek are mostly found in Uzbekistan, although several million can be found in Afghanistan and elsewhere in Central Asia, making Uzbek the most widely spoken Turkic language after Turkish. The language has sustained significant influence from Arabic, Persian, and Russian, separating it a little from its Turkic roots.

Uzbek has no grammatical gender but does feature six cases, marked as suffixes on nouns. With a subject-object-verb word order—typical for Turkic languages—Uzbek places the verb at the end of a sentence. Uzbek verbs can undergo considerable inflection, accepting different suffixes for a number of tenses, aspects, and moods. The tense suffixes may differ depending on the person, but the third-person suffixes are identical in the present and past tense, which can result in ambiguity.

Throughout history, Uzbek has been written in several scripts—the Cyrillic alphabet, the Latin alphabet, and the Arabic script. The Latin alphabet is now the official Uzbek script, but Cyrillic is still widely used, particularly in advertisements and signs. In Afghanistan and China, Uzbek speakers usually use the Arabic script. That means Uzbek translators must be familiar with all three scripts to effectively translate Uzbek. Ours are—you can rely on them regardless of your Uzbek translation needs.

Uzbek Translations in All Domains

  • Academia: Let our Uzbek translators help you dive deeper into the academic world, whether you’re an Uzbek-speaking scholar aiming to share your research with international peers or a foreign academic targeting an Uzbek-speaking population for survey research. Our Uzbek translators come from a wide range of backgrounds, giving them the expertise they need to tackle academic Uzbek translations in any number of fields.
  • Business: There’s never been a better time to jump into the Uzbek market—or, if you’re Uzbek, to expand outward. Our Uzbek translation team has assisted countless businesses with Uzbek translations, helping them achieve their business goals inside and outside of Uzbekistan. From business plans and financial reports to advertisements, brochures, and promotional materials, you can trust our business Uzbek translators.
  • Online: A lot of Uzbeks use the Internet regularly, but Uzbek-language content on the web is relatively uncommon. Whether it’s an informational website, a blog, an app, or a game, it’s difficult to find it in Uzbek—so if you translate your digital content into Uzbek, you’ll really stand out. Our Uzbek translators can help you expand into the Uzbek-speaking Internet.

We’re proud to serve businesses in Tashkent, scholars in Namangan, and creative writers in Samarkand. Our mission is the utmost quality in our Uzbek translations, which is why we always rely on human translators, never machine translation. Your time is important to us, too, so if you have an urgent deadline, don’t hesitate to tell us—we’ll work hard to deliver your professional Uzbek translation on time.

There’s never been a better time for Uzbek translation services. Reach out to us now to discuss your project further.

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