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It’s no secret that China commands the largest population in the world—a whopping 1.4 billion people reside in the Asian powerhouse. Over decades, China has built up its role as the world’s factory, producing and exporting massive volumes of goods and accounting for a huge proportion of global trade. China’s many residents have increasingly experienced improvements in their quality of life as the country’s economy rises, particularly those in urban settings.

China’s major presence on the global stage paves the way for a massive worldwide need for Simplified Chinese translation services. Though Chinese speakers are spread across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and smaller communities around the world, in writing, they are divided between Simplified and Traditional Chinese. With Simplified Chinese characters having been introduced in 1956 by the Chinese Communist Party, they are used widely across China, but not in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. If you’re looking for professional Simplified Chinese translation services—either to or from Chinese—turn to ProofreadingServices.com.

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Professional Simplified Chinese Translators Working for You

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese is not a single language. Rather, it refers to a collection of similarly structured languages all united under a shared writing system. The most widely spoken variety is Mandarin, but other subgroups include Min, Wu (e.g., Shanghainese), and Yue (e.g., Cantonese). Though these languages differ somewhat in grammar and largely in pronunciation, they are mutually intelligible in text.

Chinese grammar is considered relatively simple: it has almost no grammatical inflection, with no plurals, tenses, or moods. Chinese is a head-final language, which means all modifiers come before the main noun, including relative clauses, which is uncommon for a language with subject-verb-object word order. In certain cases, however, the object can be promoted to the beginning of a sentence, motivated in part by the topic–comment system common in neighboring Asian languages like Japanese and Korean. Then, of course, there’s the extensive writing system consisting of thousands of characters. Hard? Yes. But not for professional Simplified Chinese translators like ours.

We Can Translate Any Number of Documents to and from Simplified Chinese

  • Academic papers: China, with its massive population and focus on education, produces millions of new scholars each year. For these researchers to gain international prominence, Simplified Chinese translation services are necessary—and we can provide them. Our translators are also available to help foreign scholars translate and publish papers in Chinese journals or to conduct research in China.
  • Literature: Chinese boasts a rich literary tradition. Though historical Chinese texts were written in Traditional Chinese, China’s love of literature has continued into the present era, resulting in a wealth of literary resources in Simplified Chinese. Our Simplified Chinese translators are here to translate works from Simplified Chinese to English to take Chinese stories worldwide, as well as from English to Simplified Chinese to contribute to the Chinese literary scene.
  • Digital content: English and Chinese are the two biggest languages on the Internet, also representing the largest number of Internet users. Thus, there’s a big market for websites, apps, programs, and games in both English and Simplified Chinese. Our Simplified Chinese translators are here to help you translate digital content between English and Simplified Chinese, no matter which direction you need.

Whether you’re from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou, our Simplified Chinese translators can help you communicate your message to your intended audience. Breaking down language barriers is our passion, and we do it with the utmost precision and accuracy, carefully considering the special circumstances of your project. Your time is also important to us, which is why we’re so careful to deliver your Simplified Chinese translation by your specified deadline.

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