List of 176 Phrasal Verbs With 'Down'

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Seeking examples of English phrasal verbs with "down"? Have a look at this handy list of relevant terms. These verb-based phrases all contain the specific word you are looking for.
back down double down narrow down sit down
batten down drag down note down slap down
bear down draw down page down slick down
beat down dress down pare down slim down
bed down drill down pass down slow down
blow down drive down pat down smash down
bog down dumb down peg down smooth down
boil down dust down pelt down snow down
boogie down face down phase down spin down
bow down to fall down pin down splash down
break down fight down pipe down sponge down
bring down file down piss down stand down
brush down filter down play down stare down
bucket down flag down plump down step down
buckle down get down pour down stick down
build down go down power down stock down
burn down grind down pull down stop down
call down gulp down punch down strike down
calm down gun down put down strip down
change down hand down put down as take down
charge down hold down put down for talk down
chase down hose down put down to talk down to
choke down hunker down quiet down tamp down
chomp down on hunt down quieten down tear down
chop down jot down rain down throw down
chow down jump down rap down tick down
clamp down on keep down ride down tie down
climb down kick down round down tone down
close down kip down rub down touch down
come down knock down run down track down
come down on knuckle down sand down trade down
come down to lash down scale down trickle down
come down with laugh down scarf down tumble down
cool down lay down sell down turn down
count down let down send down vote down
crack down lie down set down warm down
cry down live down settle down wash down
cut down look down on shake down water down
damp down mark down shoot down wave down
dash down mark down as shout down wear down
dial down melt down shower down weigh down
die down move down shuck down wind down
do down mow down shut down wolf down
doss down nail down simmer down write down