List of 204 Preposition Collocations

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Seeking collocations for prepositions? Have a look at this useful list of relevant terms. The words in this collection all go with terms that express relations of nouns.
abstain from conscious of graduate from prior to
accompanied with consent to grateful to profit by
accused of content with guilty of prohibited from
accustomed to coordinated with happy about protected from
add to correspond to head for protest against
addicted to correspond with hide from proud of
admired by count on hold back qualified for
afraid of crazy about hopeful about react to
agree to crowded with identical to ready for
aim at cruel to immune to reason with
allergic to curious about impressed with recover from
amazed at deal with in advance refer to
amazed by delight in in common with related to
angry about derived from in conjunction with reply to
angry with desire for in danger rescued from
annoyed with devoid of independent of resign from
anxious about devoted to indifferent to respond to
apologize for different from infer from responsible for
apologize to disagree with inferior to retire from
apply for disappointed with inseparable from sad about
ashamed of distinct from interested in satisfied with
ask for doubtful about jealous of search for
associated with eager for keen on sensitive to
at last eligible for kind to separate from
at once empty of late for sick of
attached to enthusiastic about laugh at similar to
aware of envious of lead to smile at
awful at escape from limited to speak to
bad at excellent at listen to stare at
bad for excited about long for stem from
based on excuse for look at substitute for
belong to experienced in look for succeed in
beneficial to exposed to mad at successful in
blame for faithful to married to suffer from
blessed with familiar with nervous about suitable for
bored with famous for object to superior to
borrow from fascinated by on foot sure of
brilliant at fed up with on purpose suspicious of
busy with fond of on time sympathize with
by chance for instance opposed to talk to
by mistake foreign to optimistic about terrible at
capable of free from out of reach thankful for
care for free of patient with tired of
careful of friendly with pay for turn to
careless with frightened of pleased with used to
certain of full of point at vote for
cluttered with furious about popular with wait for
comfortable with furnished with pray for wish for
concerned with generous with prepare for without fail
confronted with gentle with presented with work for
connected to good at prevented from worried about