List of 116 Examples of Prepositions Used With Nouns

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In search of prepositions with nouns? Take a look at this useful list of relevant terms. The phrases in this collection show how to express relations of nouns with other elements in a clause.
a ban on a hold on a risk of awareness of
a belief in a lack of a search for concern for
a bid for a lesson in a solution to confusion over
a break from a link between a speech on contact with
a case of a love for a story about credit for
a cause of a meeting with a thirst for damage to
a change in a member of a threat to dedication to
a concern to a memory of a transition to devotion to
a connection with a method of a translation of difficulty in
a contribution to a need for a visit to experience in
a course in a newcomer to access to experience with
a cure for a penchant for admiration for fear of
a date with a photograph of an addiction to growth in
a debate about a place in an advantage of information on
a debate on a possibility of an agreement about involvement in
a decision about a preference for an agreement on knowledge of
a decision on a problem with an approach to no intention of
a decrease in a process of an argument with participation in
a delay in a quarrel with an attack on protection from
a demand for a reaction to an effect on relevance of
a desire for a reason for an example of relevance to
a difference between a recipe for an exception to research into
a difference in a reference to an expert in research on
a disadvantage of a relationship with an increase in resistance to
a fall in a reply to an inquiry into respect for
a fondness for a report on an interest in room for
a grasp of a reputation for an investigation of success in
a habit of a result of an invitation to sympathy for
a hatred for a rise in approval of understanding of