272 Words to Use Instead of "Said"

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Spice up your dialogue. Below are 272 alternatives for “said” that, used sparingly, can help your characters jump off the page. For more writing support, check out our services for authors, such as editing and proofreading, cover design, and eBook formatting, or simply contact us today to talk through your biggest writing challenges.

Just in: The chart below is also available as an infographic and poster.

accused corrected lamented ridiculed
acknowledged coughed laughed roared
added countered lectured sang
admitted cried lied sassed
advised croaked lisped scoffed
affirmed crowed maintained scolded
agreed cursed marvelled screamed
alleged dared mentioned screeched
announced decided mimicked seethed
answered declared moaned shared
apologized defended mocked shot
approved demanded motioned shouted
argued demurred mumbled shrieked
asked denied murmured shrilled
asserted described mused sighed
assured disagreed muttered simpered
babbled disclosed nagged slurred
badgered divulged nodded smirked
barked drawled noted snapped
bawled dribbled objected snarled
began echoed observed sneered
begged effused offered snickered
bellowed emphasized opined sniffed
bleated encouraged ordered sniffled
blubbered exclaimed panted snorted
blurted explained pestered sobbed
boasted exploded piped spat
boomed exulted pleaded speculated
bragged finished pled spilled
breathed fretted pointed out spluttered
bubbled gasped pondered spoke
burst out gawked praised sputtered
cackled gibed prayed squeaked
cajoled giggled proclaimed squealed
called gloated promised stammered
cautioned greeted pronounced started
challenged grimaced proposed stated
chattered groaned protested stormed
cheered growled provoked stressed
chided grumbled purred stuttered
chimed in grunted put in suggested
chirped guessed puzzled surmised
chittered gulped queried taunted
choked gurgled questioned teased
chortled gushed quipped tempted
chorused hinted quizzed tested
chuckled hissed raged testified
claimed hollered ranted thanked
clarified howled reasoned theorized
clucked huffed reassured threatened
coached hummed recalled thundered
coaxed hypothesized reckoned trilled
comforted imitated recounted urged
commanded implied reiterated volunteered
commented implored related vowed
complained informed remarked wailed
complimented inquired remembered warned
conceded insinuated reminded went on
concluded insisted repeated wept
concurred instructed replied wheezed
confessed insulted reported whimpered
confided interjected requested whined
confirmed interrupted resounded whispered
congratulated intimated responded wondered
contended jeered retaliated worried
continued jested retorted yawned
contributed jibed returned yelled
convinced joked revealed yelped

Occasionally replacing “said” with words from the list above (also available as an infographic or poster) can deepen your writing, heightening emotion for readers and helping you flesh out your characters. For guidance on a work in progress or for help publishing a manuscript, explore our services for authors, which include book marketing, query letter writing, and more. You can also contact us with any questions.