List of 192 Short Descriptive Words

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Seeking a list of short English words you can use to describe something or someone? Try this collection of short descriptive words. You'll find the vocabulary you need here.
A-OK fab max rad
ABC fap med raw
ace far meh red
aft fat MIA ree
ago fav mid ret
ail fay mim rid
all few min row
alt fey mod rum
any fir mom run
ape fit mug sad
apt fix mum set
arm fly nay shy
aro foe née sib
aux fon neg sik
awk fou net six
aye fun new sky
azo fur nil sly
bad gas nip sod
bay gay noa sup
ben gey not tag
bet gut now tan
big hep nul tea
bio het nye ten
blk hex oat tid
bob hip obs tin
bog hit odd toe
bum hot off top
ccw icy oft tor
Cdn ill old toy
cis jaw ole try
civ jet one two
coo key ony veg
coy kid ooh wan
cut kin oop war
def lag ope wax
dim Lao oul wee
DIY lax out wet
dry lay own wig
due lee pan win
dum let pap wis
dun lew pat won
dur ley pay woo
ebb lit pet wry
eco lop pop wud
eld low pos yar
emo mad poz yew
est man pro yon
ewe mat pug zen