List of 144 of the Shortest Words That Rhyme

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In search of the shortest words that rhyme? Check out this useful list of such terms. Here you'll find a range of words in the English language that are short and rhyme with each other.
ad mad rad sad
air err eyre heir
amp camp lamp ramp
an can man tan
app cap lap map
ash cash dash sash
aye by I pi
bat cat rat sat
berk irk jerk murk
bike dike like tyke
bite cite hyte mite
bog dog hog log
boor cure moor pure
bun fun gun sun
burl herl hurl girl
comb dome foam home
core more soar tore
dime lime rime time
dip rip sip tip
door oar or ore
earn fern urn turn
elm helm realm whelm
em gem hem rem
emir mere peer seer
er fur her sir
fin pin tin win
fresh mesh resh sesh
germ herm perm term
gray pay pray prey
he me see tea
hero go row zero
hire lyre mire pyre
hit lit sit zit
hype pipe ripe type
jet pet wet yet
mug pug rug tug