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Ghostwriters are mainly known for crafting celebrity memoirs, but there’s much more to ghostwriting than helping actors, politicians, and musicians share their wild or inspiring stories with the reading public. From penning business books and speeches to children’s books and creative fiction, ghostwriters enable people with great stories and innovative ideas to express themselves in the most compelling and entertaining way possible. Essentially, if you’re anyone with a great idea but lack the time or writing skills to tell the story as well as it deserves, you can benefit from the services of a ghostwriter.

So, what types of services do ghostwriters provide? Let’s start with the two ghostwriting services we offer—memoir ghostwriting and ghostwriting for CEOs

Ghostwriting memoirs

One of the most popular types of ghostwriting services is memoir writing. Although it’s mostly celebrities and politicians who publish memoirs, anyone with an interesting life story can write a memoir. It doesn’t have to be your entire life—a single unique and fascinating experience is enough for a memoir. 

That said, it’s rarely easy to be introspective or identify anecdotes and lessons that make the best stories, which is why so many people turn to ghostwriters who specialize in autobiographies. A professional memoir ghostwriter will interview their subject (the author) and ask the right questions to extract the most exciting stories, which they’ll then weave into an engaging narrative. You provide all the content—it’s your life, after all—and the ghostwriter just helps you figure out the best anecdotes to include and puts everything together for you.

If you’re looking for a ghostwriter to turn your life story into a gripping memoir (even if you’re not a celebrity!), check out our memoir ghostwriting services.

Ghostwriting business books

Busy CEOs and entrepreneurs are increasingly partnering with ghostwriters with a background in business to write their books and eBooks, which can provide a huge boost to their personal brand and help position them as thought leaders in their industry. Not only can publishing a book enhance a businessperson’s reputation among their clients and peers, but it can also attract new customers and open up numerous opportunities for speaking engagements. 

Many business owners understand that being a published author can have a positive effect on their relations with potential clients, partners, and investors. However, most of them don’t have the time to write a book themselves, which is why they collaborate with ghostwriters who understand the world of business and can match their voice and style. The same goes for business experts: They don’t always have the writing skills to turn their brilliant ideas into riveting prose, which is where a professional ghostwriter comes in.

If you want to make a splash with your business book, consider our ghostwriting services for CEOs.

Ghostwriting online content and blog posts

Businesses also hire ghostwriters to produce digital content, such as blog and social media posts. This kind of content is crucial in the modern-day business world, where your online presence can have a massive impact on your commercial success. Ghostwriters who specialize in digital content creation know all about SEO, catchy headlines, and audience engagement. Companies work with these writing experts to develop a long-term plan for consistent content production.  

To grow your business with professional online content, get in touch with our team

Ghostwriting speeches

One of the most common types of ghostwriting is speech writing. Politicians, celebrities, and business owners often have to speak at conferences and other public events, but they don’t usually know the best way to craft a speech that grips the audience. For this reason, they hire ghostwriters to help them grab the crowd’s attention and deliver memorable speeches. The ideas are still theirs, and they still need to rely on their public-speaking abilities and charm to make the desired impact, but with professional writers helping them behind the scenes, it becomes a lot easier.

To find the right words to captivate an audience with your speech, reach out to our team.

Ghostwriting non-fiction

All business books are non-fiction, but not all non-fiction books are about business. In fact, there’s a vast range of non-fiction topics, from history and travel to self-help and spirituality, and there are ghostwriters dealing in all types of subject matter and genres under the non-fiction umbrella, which relies on real events, experiences, and information to tell compelling stories. 

Writing non-fiction requires expertise in a given field, but many people with material for a great non-fiction book lack the writing experience and skills to convert their knowledge into a great book. The solution is a talented ghostwriter deeply familiar with your field and thus able to understand the ideas you present to them.

To share your knowledge and expertise with the world without having to worry about your writing skills, contact our ghostwriting team.

Ghostwriting fiction

Just as there are ghostwriters who specialize in non-fiction, there are also those who focus on fictional stories. Someone may have an incredible idea for a fantasy novel but not the creative writing skills to present it in a captivating way, so they’ll hire a ghostwriter to turn their concept into a polished and engaging book. The author needs to have a story that’s fully fleshed out—the ghostwriter can’t develop the plot for them. All the ghostwriter does is present the existing story idea in the best possible way.

To breathe life into your fictional story idea, reach out to our ghostwriting experts.

Ghostwriting scripts

Scripts, both for the screen and the stage, can also be ghostwritten by writers who are familiar with the format and style a script requires—it focuses more on the visuals and dialogue than the prose. Script ghostwriting requires different skills from book ghostwriting, and this service is especially valuable for people with good ideas for movies, TV shows, or plays—ghostwriters specializing in scripts can craft engaging dialogue that provides the audience with the information they need.

To get your story idea on the screen or stage with professional writing, get in touch with our team.

Ghostwriting children’s books

Children’s books represent a huge part of the modern publishing industry. This is also an incredibly competitive niche, which is why many people with great ideas for children’s books—like teachers and parents, who truly understand what makes a good story for kids—will hire a ghostwriter. Writing children’s books requires a particular skill set—you need to carefully consider the vocabulary and the difficulty of the concepts you’re presenting. Ghostwriters of children’s books know what’s appropriate for different age groups and can help you put together a book that will enthrall your young audience.

For help creating a fun, age-appropriate book for kids, reach out to our ghostwriting team.

Ghostwriters can make your stories come to life and bring your ideas to thousands of people around the world through their professionally crafted narratives and creative writing skills. For nearly anything you might want to write, you can hire a ghostwriter to help you find the most effective words. Whether you’re preparing a speech, creating a fiery fantasy world, or crafting your first business book, a ghostwriter will help you get it done. 

If you’d like to learn more, reach out to our memoir ghostwriting team or check out our ghostwriting services for CEOs and get a free consultation today. For anything else you might need—from speeches to blog posts and any kind of bookget in touch with our team, and we’ll find the best person in our network for the job.  

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