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Get Proofreading and Editing in 48 Hours

Quick and thorough proofreading and editing services in just two days

As the premier online proofreading and editing service for English, our 48-hour editing option can refine your writing and help you to meet your deadlines. If you want to maintain a stellar reputation in your field, then your writing needs to be of high quality. No matter the task—academic proofreading, business editing, a resume review, deep copy editing, or book chapter editing—we will help your writing earn you acclaim.

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How to know you need professional proofreading and editing

Our experience gives us confidence. We know that our 48-hour proofreading service can elevate the quality of your writing, whether it's creative, professional, or academic. Below are questions to ask yourself to see if we're the right for your needs:

  • Does your dissertation or thesis need an editor's sharp eye as quickly as possible? Our team can handle it. If you need online editing in 48 hours or express online proofreading in only 2 hours, we can accommodate your scholarly editing needs with a wide range of turnaround times.
  • Are you a writer who needs expert editing to make sure your manuscript follows style guidelines? Our editors are skilled in a variety of writing styles and citation formats, including Associated Press, MLA, CMOS, Harvard, and Turabian styles, so we can give you confidence that style and referencing details are handled well, and your document is ready for publication.
  • Is your native language Italian, Kannada, or Malay? Does your English document need a strong proofreader to make sure it reads naturally? Thousands of writers around the world benefit from our editing and proofreading.
  • Are your needs simpler? Do you need an editor to spot typos or grammar errors in a personal memo or email? We regularly tackle simple requests as well.

Just send your document to us. Then relax. We are up to the task. If two days isn't fast enough, we can complete jobs in 8 hours, 4 hours, or even 1 hour.

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Our qualifications

Our expert-level editors and proofreaders have backgrounds in professional writing, proofreading, and editing. They are native English speakers from Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia, and England. All editors must pass a thorough and extensive battery of tests for proofreading and editing, and we hire only one of every 300 applicants for English editing positions. Our team is highly qualified and works with exceptional speed.

Whether you use a custom style for your blog posts or you use IEEE style for your academic papers, we are simply the best proofreading service for your writing. Our 48-hour editing and proofreading service provides not only the necessary outside review of your work but a speedy one as well. Combining high-quality editing with quick turnarounds enables you to meet challenging deadlines with writing that communicates ideas clearly and effectively.

When you’re ready, we’re here to help.

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Free sample of our work in 24 hours

For those who want to see our work before purchasing a service, we offer a free sample so writers can view for themselves how our editors can enhance their writing. Click below for your free sample, which can take up to 24 hours. Remember that you can always have paid orders returned in less time.

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