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Trust our expert editing team to proofread your children’s book properly.

If you’re writing books for children just embarking on a lifetime of reading, it’s crucial that you write clearly without grammatical mistakes. ProofreadingServices.com has a team of proofreading gurus who can help ensure your book is ready to be enjoyed and loved by children. If you write other types of books, we can help you with those, too: We can edit everything from memoirs to cookbooks to Kindle books. We’ve already professionally edited documents for 25,000+ other clients, who’ve taken delight in the superb job our editing experts have done in eliminating grammatical errors, correcting faulty sentence structures, and elevating the flow of their writing. We can enhance your work as well.

Our editors particularly relish editing children’s books because they know they’re helping instill a love of reading in youth. However, we edit all sorts of documents—we can also proofread your research proposals or LaTeX documents. Our main goal is consistent quality and accuracy, whether you need your writing edited within 12 hours or 48 hours. Let us know whether you prefer a light review to remove typos or a heavy copyedit to improve flow and clarity—no matter what you need, our professional editors are eager to help you succeed.

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How can you know we’re the right editing team for your children’s book?

We’ll let the thousands of clients we’ve already satisfied answer this question. Our clients from Italy to South Africa know our expert proofreaders go the extra mile to ensure editorial excellence. Whether you’re a researcher from Cincinnati or a mystery novelist from Kuala Lumpur, we’d be more than happy to help you touch up your English texts. We’ve already helped these diverse clients:

  • Ahmet from a leading university in Turkey with a dissertation on translation assessment
  • Hisham from a top university in Oman with a cover letter to an academic journal editor
  • Michael from a law firm in California with a blog post about property division and divorce

We work hard to ensure all our clients meet their deadlines, no matter how urgent. If you need your document edited within 3 or 6 hours, our editing team will get right to work on it. We offer longer options, as well—24 hours to 7 days—so you can choose the turnaround time that works best for you. Just make sure your children’s book is in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format, and then submit your proofreading order. Our team will make sure it’s properly edited, proofread, and formatted, all ready for publication.

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A proofreading team that values quality and accuracy.

Only the top 0.3% of proofreading applicants pass the series of stringent editing tests we have them take, meaning the ProofreadingServices.com editing team is comprised solely of top-level editorial experts. Native speakers of U.S., U.K., Canadian, Australian, Irish, and Kiwi English, our professional proofreaders are highly experienced in the editing industry and know exactly how to improve your text. Need your document edited to align with a certain style guide, such as Turabian or AP style? Our editors are experts in major style guides as well, and they follow the latest developments and changes in them, so they can easily fulfill any style guide requests you may have.

If you need a high-quality editing service for your children’s book manuscript, our proofreading team would be thrilled to help you. Let us know whether we should use Australian English, U.S. English, or another variant of English—we can handle any standard dialect. We’ll work hard to preserve your voice and style as we correct grammatical mistakes and touch up flow—in fact, our expert editing will make your creative flair shine even brighter.

Get a free sample to make sure we’re a good fit.

We completely understand if you’d prefer to see a free sample before committing to a paid order. After all, you want the best for your children’s book. Our editors also want the best for your children’s book, and you’ll see that in our work.

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