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We’re here to help anyone who requires content editing services.

At, we have a mission—to ensure everyone who needs high-quality content editing receives the accurate proofreading service they deserve. That’s precisely what we’ll provide you with, whether it’s for your blog post, newsletter, or article. Our expert proofreaders will not only clear up typos and grammatical mistakes but also dive deep into your content, simplifying sentences, improving the flow, and suggesting more fitting vocabulary. Over 10,000 clients have already seen the kind of positive impact our professional editing has on their writing, and they know clear, effective writing can help them achieve their goals, whether in academia, business, or literature.

Our proofreading team would be honored to help you with your novel manuscript, psychology paper, letter of recommendation, or just about anything else—we’re a flexible and dynamic team of editors. Whatever you send us, we promise we’ll edit it by your chosen deadline, whether it’s in six hours or 24 hours. We can offer a light, surface-level review to eliminate typos and grammar mistakes, or we can give you a deep content edit that addresses clarity and structural issues—it’s up to you. Whatever your editing needs are, our team is prepared to satisfy them.

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Can we meet your content-editing expectations?

We’ve already met the high expectations of thousands of writers and organizations, so yes, we’re confident we can accommodate your content-editing needs. Our professional editors are more than just editors—they also boast specialized knowledge in other fields, such as biology, computer science, and psychology, which uniquely positions us to edit technical documents from academics, businesspeople, and authors. Whether you come from Luxembourg or Kuwait, whether you’re living in Denver or Muscat, you can take advantage of our top-rated proofreading services, just like the following clients have:

  • Andrea from South Africa with an essay about the Kyoto Protocol
  • Javed from Colombia with a journal article on pesticide use regulations
  • Miyoung from Ottawa with a collection of poetry

We also offer numerous turnaround times to make sure everyone meets their deadline. If you have at least three hours, we can help you, and if you have more time, we offer turnaround options of up to seven days—the longer the turnaround, the more money you save. Furthermore, in the name of flexibility, we accept multiple file types: .doc, .docx, and .pdf files. So, just send your document to our team and select the turnaround option that works best for you. Then, our expert proofreaders will work to elevate your writing by carefully editing, proofreading, and formatting your document.

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A diverse proofreading team with top-level editors.

Our standards are high at, and that’s evident to proofreading applicants who take the rigorous editing assessments we give every candidate. So high are our standards, in fact, that only about 0.3% of editing applicants pass our tests. The ones who do are the cream of the crop—highly experienced professional proofreaders and editors from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries. Our editors are also familiar with a wide range of style guides, including IEEE style and Chicago style, so whatever your requirements are, we’re confident our editors can meet them. We stay up to date with changes in style guides to make sure we can always serve you best.

All in all, there’s no better content editing service on the web, whether you use Australian English, US English, or another form of English. Our guarantees are unwaveringly high quality and timely delivery that allows you to meet even urgent deadlines. We make sure your individual voice and style are retained, touching up typos and polishing clarity and flow to allow your ideas to come through effectively.

May we interest you in a free sample?

If you’re not totally convinced of our content-editing proficiency yet, give us another chance: let us wow you with a free sample. We’ll get back to you in just 24 hours—and we’re certain you’ll be eager to submit a paid order after seeing what our editors can do.

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