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Trust only the best to expertly proofread your curriculum vitae.

When you’re applying for a job, it’s crucial that your CV shows off all your best skills and attributes. This means you need clear, professional writing—unclear, verbose writing indicates a poor ability to communicate, and typos can easily cost you the job. That’s why it’s so important to hire professional editors like those at ProofreadingServices.com. Our passion is to help you reach your goals through powerful writing, whether you need us to proofread your curriculum vitae, personal statement, grad school application, or statements of purpose. Our proofreading team has already helped +10,000 clients from all walks of life, including job seekers, so you’re in good company. Let our editors help you land your dream job.

We love editing CVs because we know we’re making an important difference in people’s lives. Our elite proofreading may be just what you need to help jump-start your career. However, we’re dedicated to helping clients with a range of documents, from philosophy papers to magazine content. We can deeply edit your document, addressing structural and clarity issues, or we can lightly check it over to ensure grammatical correctness—it’s your choice. Regardless of your preferences, our expert editors never sacrifice quality. If you’re ready to make your CV rise above the rest, our editors are waiting.

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Do our editors have the right skills for your curriculum vitae?

We’ll pass this question on to the countless satisfied clients we’ve worked with previously. One thing will become clear if you read their raving reviews: our proofreading team delivers the same high quality to clients from all over the world, no matter their field. Whether you’re a professor from Nigeria or an entrepreneur from Ireland, whether you’re a novelist in Jacksonville or a job applicant in Riyadh, our proofreading professionals have the skills to help you achieve your goals, just like we’ve helped these clients:

  • Daniel from a top university in Michigan with an academic CV
  • Juliette from a nonprofit organization in Paris with a donation request letter
  • Nawal from a research hospital in Ontario with a study about wound debridement and open fractures

Our editors never compromise accuracy, so you always know you’re getting the best. We’d love to edit your curriculum vitae as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file, so when you’re ready, just send your document to our team. Your editing, proofreading, and formatting worries will be history with a reliably accurate proofreading service like ours.

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Our editors are unbelievably skilled.

The proofreaders on the ProofreadingServices.com team are extremely skilled editing professionals who have passed a sequence of rigorous proofreading assessments to make it onto our team. Since only around 1 out of every 300 editing candidates passes our tests, we’re confident in our proofreaders’ phenomenal skills. As natives of the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking nations, our editorial professionals have grown up speaking English and possess the inherent intuition of a native speaker, in addition to considerable experience and education in the editing industry. They’re also well versed in major style guides, such as Vancouver referencing or Chicago style, to make sure our editing meets all your requirements. With a team that stays on top of any changes to style guides, we’re certain we can exceed your expectations.

There’s no better curriculum vitae editing company than ours, and we’re committed to maximizing your chances of acceptance. We can edit your CV in the best variant of English for the area you’re applying in—US English, UK English, Canadian English, Australian English, or something else. No matter what your deadline is, we’ll meet it with a professionally edited CV that highlights your strengths and shows off your best traits.

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