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Are you seeking an editor for your social sciences paper?

Writing an academic or research paper takes an enormous amount of work. But one careless typo can distract the reader and take away from the overall impact of your paper. Weak or confusing sentences can further reduce your credibility. Plentiful errors could completely derail your efforts and alienate your audience.

This disaster scenario is completely avoidable, though. All it takes is the work of an accomplished editor and proofreader who can identify and eliminate typos, grammatical errors, and unclear sentences. Investing in an editing and proofreading service is a sure way to make your paper more authoritative. At, our editing team can support you in your quest for academic success, no matter what type of paper you’re writing—social sciences, anthropology, literature, IT, or any other topic. More than 10,000 writers agree that the expert perspective our editors provide can take papers to new heights.

Although our editing team is tops for social sciences papers, we proofread and edit all kinds of documents—everything from poetry to business plans. Whatever we are editing, our first goal is achieving peak excellence. Our second is delivering it to you on time. No matter what your deadline is, we will meet it and quality will never suffer. We have an express service with a 6-hour turnaround, or we can aim for a longer deadline, such as 12 hours, 72 hours, or even 7 days.

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Is our editing team qualified to deal with social sciences topics?

Our editors can apply their skills to any extent of editing you need for your social sciences paper, from a quick copyedit of your first draft to a thorough proofread of your final version. We’re a global service, working with clients from Australia to the Netherlands and from Calgary to Tokyo. The writers whose work we bolster are active in all industries and fields of study. Consider the variety of these recent jobs:

  • We proofread a meta-analysis written in APA style for Lisa, a student at a Chicago university
  • We reviewed an academic CV for Daniel, a student at a prestigious university in Michigan
  • We edited a laboratory quality manual for Sofia, who works at a lab in Spain

But it gets even better: ordering our service is quick and easy. Simply send us your document and let us know when you need it returned. We can work with most file formats (.doc, .docx, and .pdf are best). Upon receiving your document, we designate an editor whose skills and experience pair superbly with the job.

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What sets our team apart?

What clients get when they work with our team is the collective expertise and experience of hard-working, multi-talented editors and proofreaders. We uphold astronomical expectations at—although many great editors apply to sign on with us, only 1 out of every 300 demonstrates proficiency on the assessments we use to evaluate their knowledge and abilities. These sharp editors are the ones who review your writing.

Our team can handle all variations and styles of English composition (such as academic English or scientific English). The editors are natives of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, so they fully understand regional and geographic nuances of English. You can write in any common style, such as AMA or USAID, and we will have an editor who is an expert in that style review your document. Our editors track style updates, so you can rest assured nothing will be missed. Or, if you’re sticking to a house or custom style, we’ll follow your instructions to the letter.

How can you know whether we’re really that good?

If you need an exceptional editor for your social sciences paper—one who can help you communicate effectively and meet your academic goals—we invite you to join our growing client list. Want to see an example of our work? Send in a short text and we’ll send it back, polished, in under a day and at no cost.

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