Understanding the Ghostwriting Process

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If you’re looking into hiring a ghostwriter, you may be wondering what the process entails. How does the ghostwriter delve into your story and personality to craft a book that would feel as if you wrote it yourself? How much creative control do you have over the process? What additional services do ghostwriters offer to aid you in your journey as an author? 

While every ghostwriter may follow a slightly different process, we at ProofreadingServices.com have a very straightforward one to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. When you’re ready to hire a ghostwriter, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Check out our detailed steps below. Whether you are a successful CEO ready to spread your knowledge and insights or an individual wishing to immortalize your legacy, find out what we can do for you.

Our ghostwriting process

So, you have your ideas, and you’re ready to hire a ghostwriter to write your book. It’s exciting to know you’re on your way to bringing your ideas to life and publishing your work. You can contact ProofreadingServices.com for a free no-obligation consultation in which we’ll talk about both your vision and plan.

Once you’ve decided to collaborate with us, we’ll follow seven specific steps to make your book a reality.

  1. Interview: First, we interview you. This allows us to get acquainted not only with you and your ideas but also with the way you talk, think, and express yourself. We want to capture the most important components and help you decide what themes and narratives are of paramount importance to you. We do this through a series of questions meant to extract meaningful and pertinent information—since we’re seasoned professionals, we know all the right questions to ask. If you are a CEO, for example, we make sure we understand and focus on your message so that we can clearly communicate how you became a successful businessperson.
  2. Outline: We use the information from your interview for inspiration in creating and organizing a logical and orderly outline. We highlight all your main points and then send the outline to you for approval. Don’t worry, you can reject anything you dislike and request all the revisions you want—it is your book, after all.
  3. Ghostwriting: Our experienced writers begin developing the details and crafting your story following the approved outline. As our writers work, they check in to update you and get your feedback, completing any revisions you ask for.
  4. Feedback: Once our ghostwriters have finished your first draft, they present it to you for feedback. They revise and edit according to your suggestions and comments. Beta readers then provide additional input to make your book even more engaging and marketable.
  5. Editing: Our in-house editors and proofreaders receive the manuscript and check it for readability, clarity, and flow. They also make any grammar and punctuation corrections and eliminate typos. Letting typos slip through doesn’t mean your ghostwriter is unprofessional—typos happen to even the best of writers.
  6. Publishing: Our team uses our industry connections to help you find an agent and secure a publishing deal. It also guides you in understanding the publishing world and writing your query letter so you can land an agent to represent you in the competitive publishing landscape. Many publishers refuse to work with authors who don’t have agents.
  7. Promotion: We continue to assist you by helping you design and choose a book cover that will appeal to your specific audience, and we reach out to those who can provide reviews or recommendations for your book. Lastly, we help you devise a marketing plan that includes speaking engagements. Your marketing strategy is crucial—you certainly don’t want to invest in a great ghostwriter only to have your book fade into obscurity because it was never promoted.

When you decide to hire a ghostwriter, make sure you know what you’re getting and who you’re working with. Hire a professional who will assist you every step of the way. If you’re a CEO who wants to share your successful habits and secrets or a person ready to tell their life story, get started with the help of our experts.  

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