List of 120 Action Verbs

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Verbs are often referred to as "action words", because they often denote actions. Want some examples of such terms? This list of verbs of action will help.
act dig lie smile
agree dive lift sneeze
answer draw listen snore
approve dream make solve
arrange drink march spend
arrive eat move stack
ask edit nod stand
bake enter open stand up
bathe exit paint study
bow fall plan talk
break fight play teach
bring fix push think
build fly read throw
buy give replace throw away
call go ride touch
clap grab run turn
climb help scream turn off
close hit see turn on
coach hop send visit
color hug sew vote
come imitate shake wait
complete insult shop walk
cook invent shout wash
cough joke sing watch
crawl jump sit whistle
create kick sit down win
cry kiss ski write
cut knit skip yank
dance laugh sleep yell
describe leave smell zip