List of 96 Verbs of Analysis

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Looking for a list of verbs of analysis? Have a look at this collection of relevant terms. Here you'll find verbs that will be particularly useful in an academic context.
affect define evaluate integrate
amplify describe evoke interpret
analyze determine examine investigate
anatomize diagnose exhibit lack
appraise differentiate explain lay bare
assay diminish explicate legitimize
assert discredit explore magnify
break down disentangle facilitate model
break up disintegrate focus negate
characterize dismantle foreshadow neglect
claim display formulate observe
clarify disprove generate outline
compile dissect go through with a fine-tooth comb parallel
conclude dissolve highlight parse
confirm distinguish hydrolyze part
connect divide identify resolve
construe elaborate illustrate scrutinize
cut electrolyze imply separate
cut up embody incorporate split
decipher emulate indicate study
decode enhance infer take apart
decompose entail inform think through
decompound equate insinuate unravel
deconstruct establish inspect x-ray