List of 100 Verbs of Attribution

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Need some words crediting a certain view or assertion to a particular individual? Here's a list of verbs of attribution. You should be able to find what you need here.
accept concede grant recite
acknowledge conclude hold refute
address concur with hypothesize reject
add confirm illustrate remark
advise consider imply reply
affirm contend indicate report
agree continue inform respond
allow counter insist reveal
analyze criticize interpret set forth
announce decide introduce show
answer declaim list specify
argue declare maintain speculate
ask define mention state
assert denie note suggest
assume describe object support
assure disagree observe suppose
aver discourse offer tell
believe discuss oppose think
categorize dispute point out urge
challenge echo pronounce use
charge emphasize propose utter
cite exclaim propound verify
claim explain question warn
comment express realize wonder
compare find reason write