List of 132 Verbs That Express Feelings

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Searching for words describing actions and states related to feelings? Take a look at this list of verbs that express feelings. Here you'll find relevant words, terms and phrases for what you need.
accept discourage humiliate rebel
ache disgust incense reinforce
admire disillusion inflame reject
affect disinterest infuriate relax
afflict dislike injure rely
agonize dismay inquire resent
alarm dissatisfy inspire reserve
alienate distress insult respect
amaze distrust intend satisfy
annoy dominate interest scare
appall doubt intrigue secure
bless dread irritate snoop
bore elate liberate stupefy
brave embarrass like sulk
calm encourage loathe surprise
challenge energize lose suspect
cheer engross love sympathize
comfort enjoy menace terrify
concern enrage mourn thank
confide enthuse need threaten
consider excite offend thrill
crush fascinate overjoy torment
dare fatigue pain torture
deject fear panic touch
delight force paralyze understand
deprive free perplex upset
desire frighten play victimize
despair frustrate please want
determine fume prefer warm
detest grieve preoccupy wish
devote hate provoke work up
diminish hesitate quiet worry
disappoint hope reassure wrong