List of 88 Verbs of Judgment

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Judgement is a concept that is associated with a number of different words describing actions and states. Searching for verbs of judgement? This list will help you.
acknowledge decry moralize salute
affirm demur nag scandalize
agree denigrate niggle scold
animadvert denounce object score
argue deplore opine slander
assent discredit poke fun at slash
attack disparage praise slur
aver dispute profane smirch
avouch dissuade promote sound off
backbite espouse put down
speak one's mind
bad-mouth execrate question
speak one's piece
barrage flatter quibble speculate
belittle fulminate rate support
berate fuss rebuke talk up
carp hector recommend tout
castigate judge remonstrate trash
comminate judicialize reprehend upbraid
complain laud reprimand vilify
concur lecture reproach vindicate
confront make fun of reprove vote
contradict malign revile wig
criticize mock ridicule zing