List of 164 Reporting Verbs

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Need words describing actions and states related to making a report? Try this list of verbs of reporting. Here you'll find relevant words, terms and phrases.
accept contribute highlight rebuff
accuse convince hold recognize
acknowledge counter hope recommend
add criticize hypothesize reflect
admit declare identify refute
advise define illustrate reject
advocate demand imagine remark
affirm demonstrate imply remember
agree deny infer remind
allege describe inform repeat
analyze determine inquire reply
announce develop insist report
answer disagree instruct request
apologize disapprove intimate reveal
argue discern investigate say
articulate discount invite scrutinize
ask discover know see
assert discuss learn show
assess dismiss maintain speculate
assume disprove mention state
beg dispute note stipulate
believe doubt notice stress
blame echo object to study
boast emphasize observe subscribe to
calculate encourage oppose suggest
cast doubt on endorse outline support
challenge establish persuade suppose
claim estimate point out suspect
clarify evaluate posit swear
command examine postulate
take into consideration
comment exhort prefer teach
compare expect present tell
complain explain profess theorize
concede express promise think
conclude fear propose threaten
concur feel prove underscore
confirm find put forward understand
consider forbid query urge
contend forget question view
contradict guarantee realize warn
contrast guess reason wonder