List of 160 Verbs for Summertime

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Need verbs of summer? Have a look at this list of relevant terms. Here, you will find a collection of helpful verbs that will evoke the warmest season of the year.
amuse oneself flower knock around sit poolside
bake in the sun fly a kite lie by the pool sizzle
be happy fritter away time lie out skip work
be on holiday frolic light up the grill sleep in
beat the heat garden linger sleep in a tent
bloom get a suntan loiter slip 'n' slide
brew iced tea get outdoors lollygag soak up the sun
burn daylight get outside lose time sojourn
camp get sunburnt lounge stargaze
catch a wave get tan make memories stay hydrated
catch bugs get together make way
stay out of the sun
catch rays get up early mist stay over
celebrate get wet mow the grass surf
change globe-trot nested sweat
chill out go barefoot open the windows swim
come alive go boating open up the house take a dip
consume time go camping pass the time take a drive
cook out go horseback riding perspire take a joy ride
cool off go on the road pick berries take a plane
crack a beer go on vacation piddle take a train
crank up the A/C go swimming pitch a tent take a trip
dally go to summer camp play take a walk
dawdle go to the beach play outside take it easy
delay go to the pool procrastinate take time off
dillydally goof off pull weeds tan
dive into summer grill quench tarry
drink water grow rain travel
eat an ice cream cone grow a garden refresh turn up the A/C
eat outside hang around relax
twiddle your thumbs
enjoy have fun ripen uncover
enjoy the sun have leisure roast vacation
estivate heat up run wild visit
exercise hike scorch voyage
explore holiday seek shade wait
fall in love idle set out waste time
fan idle away the hours setting out water ski
farm idle away time shilly-shally
water the flowers
fiddle about jog sightsee water the grass
fill in time junket sightseeing weed
float kill time sit in the shade
while away the time