List of 148 Verbs Related to Water

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In search of verbs of water? Here's a list of relevant terms. Here, you will find a collection of interesting words for all activities that take place around water.
baptize flood roar stain
bathe flow roil steam
bedew flush roll steep
besprinkle freeze run stir
boil geyser rush streak
break glitter sail stream
buckle gurgle saturate submerge
burble gush scald submerse
burst heave seep suffuse
cascade hiss seethe swab
churn hose shimmer swamp
clap humidify shoot sweat
course immerse sizzle sweep
crash inch slabber swell
creep irrigate slap swim
curve lade slaver swirl
dabble lap slobber swish
dampen launder slop thin
deluge lave slosh thread
dilute leak smother threaten
douse leap snake tickle
drench marinate soak topple
dribble meander sog tug
drill melt sop tumble
drive moisten souse twist
drizzle moisturize sparkle twizzle
drop ooze spill undulate
drown overrun spin wander
drum penetrate spit wash
dump percolate sploosh water
dunk permeate splosh water down
ebb perspire spout waterlog
effuse plunge spray weep
engulf pound spread wet
erupt pour sprinkle whip
explode rain spurt whirl
exude rise squirt wind