Why Publishing a Book Is Good for Business

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Publishing your own effective, lead-generating business book will improve your status and position you as an authority figure in your field or industry. This is why so many business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs are entering the publishing world. Those who have been published have benefited massively from the process, growing their businesses, cementing themselves as thought leaders, and earning speaking engagements galore. 

Many people give up on the idea of writing a book because of how time- and energy-intensive it can be. Here’s the secret of most successful businesspeople who publish their own books: they don’t actually write them themselves. Writing and publishing books is a long and complicated process, and it demands particular skills that take years to hone. Consequently, many time-strapped businesspeople are turning to ghostwriters to take on the burden of organizing their ideas into a coherent, compelling narrative that people would like to read. 

Ghostwriters are professional writers who channel your voice and style to write a high-quality book that will be published in your name. This solves the conundrum of whether you should give up on the idea of publishing a book or give up the little free time you have in your day to write it yourself. You still have to invest time in having interviews with your ghostwriter to establish a plan for your book, and in reviewing the book as they write it and providing feedback and revision requests. But by and large, you can focus on growing your business while your professional ghostwriter works on your book. 

If you’d like to learn more about the collaborative process of working with a ghostwriter on your business book, check out our ghostwriting services for CEOs. But first, let’s dive into why publishing a book is good for business in the first place.   

You can expand your professional network 

Foraying into the publishing industry will help you grow your network, which you already know is good for business. Expanding your social and business networks by entering new and different industries can benefit not only your company but also your personal brand, which can then translate into lucrative deals and effective marketing. Don’t pass up this golden opportunity to build new relationships—you never know where they may take you.

Once your book is published, you can hold events like book launches and book signings and attend book fairs and conferences. Additionally, you’ll have a great gift for any new clients, investors, or potential business partners. These also constitute opportunities to further your network—with the added bonus that being a published author increases your credibility and prestige.

You will become a published author

One of the main reasons anyone publishes a book is for the status of officially being a published author. Getting published is one more achievement you can add to your résumé and casually mention at your next business lunch. Being published is proof that you possess a diverse range of skills and that you’re flexible, creative, and interesting—even if you didn’t have the time to write the book yourself. 

You can mention that you hired a professional ghostwriter to put your ideas together, but you don’t have to, because legally, the book is entirely yours. After all, regardless of who puts the sentences together, all the thoughts, stories, and ideas in your book will be yours—the ghostwriter is simply compiling and organizing them. There are no ethical conundrums with taking credit for your book. If the ghostwriter wasn’t comfortable with receiving no credit, they wouldn’t have signed the contract.

You could become a best-selling author

This obviously isn’t a guarantee, but you’ll never know if your book can end up on a bestsellers list unless you publish it. Having a best-selling stamp on your cover can be a huge boost for your book and therefore your business and personal brand. But this isn’t an easy feat. The publishing industry is fierce and competitive, with millions trying their luck at releasing a bestseller. For an even better chance at bestseller status, work with an experienced marketing team. Once you have a solid manuscript, the right marketing can get your book onto the bestseller list of your choice. 

You can make more money

You’re likely not publishing a book to get rich, but you wouldn’t be angry if some money started rolling in from book sales, right? Beyond direct sales, your book should aim to bring in more business by positioning you and your company as leaders in your industry, which should attract the right kind of attention from potential clients, investors, and partners. It’s common for CEOs to see an increase in revenue after publishing a professionally ghostwritten book.

Marketing is, of course, incredibly important when it comes to any type of business venture, and promoting your book is no different. Putting money into new projects such as writing and promoting a book is an investment that, if you hire the right collaborators, will give you significant returns and boost your business. Publishing a book is an investment just like any other, so make sure to consider that when looking at pricing.

Publishing a book will give your readers a chance to get to know you better and to trust you and your expertise in your field. These readers could easily turn into new clients, investors, or business partners. Becoming a published author will give you the chance to boost your business by helping others solve the issues you’ve already worked through. It will also establish you as a thought leader in your industry, cementing your legacy as a positive force in the business world. So, what are you waiting for? 

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