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Maybe you have an idea floating around in your head that you feel is an excellent start for a book. Perhaps you have even taken a stab at writing it, but all you have are jumbled pages of notes. 

It’s tough to write a book. A huge number of people with wonderful ideas are never able to put them into book form. Yet, many of them still become published authors.

Then how do you get your ideas down on paper? In short, you don’t. Someone else does. You can hire a professional ghostwriter to record your story. While you will have to allocate time for interviews, collaboration, and revisions—it is, after all, your book—you can still get it done without the grueling work of writing it yourself.

Not everyone has the time, skills, or desire to write. That said, many people could benefit from publishing a book and the clout as a thought leader that comes with authordom. If you’re a successful businessperson who chooses to share your knowledge and boost your brand or someone who has lived a fascinating life that you want to record for your family, check out our stellar ghostwriting services.

Why should I write a book?

You might want to write a book for various reasons. If you’re a CEO, you can influence others by spreading your business knowledge to benefit aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you’re writing a rags-to-riches story about building a successful company from the ground up and skillfully navigating a huge business challenge that threatened everything you’d created or providing a detailed account of your field of expertise, publishing a book can do wonders for your professional image. 

Writing a book can also gain you respect in the business world and position you as a leading authority in your field. In addition, it can reflect positively on your business and help it thrive by drawing more attention and directing readers to it. Take a look at the slew of books written by CEOs: There’s a reason so many successful business leaders write books.

Other people might do it because they want to share their experiences and the insights they’ve gained along the way. Many opt for memoirs to pass their legacy down to their family. Those who have led an interesting life may want to record their stories so that they are remembered by future generations or impart valuable wisdom they’ve accrued to an audience of eager readers.

Others write to share stories conjured up by their imagination. They have brilliant ideas or messages they want to share, entire worlds of complex characters and intricate storylines just bursting to be brought to life. These people are creative and have captivating stories to tell. Think of your favorite author and imagine how much you’d miss reading their bestsellers.

There are also people who write books to use as sales tools. These individuals often choose the eBook format so that they can include links allowing the reader to buy a product or service. Thus, they make money off their books in more than one way.

The problem is that writing a book is far from easy. It takes time and a great deal of skill, and most of us don’t have either. Still, that didn’t stop countless published authors. If you really want to write a book, all is not lost. Why not hire a ghostwriter to write that book for you?

Why hire a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter steps in and helps get your book written. In fact, they more than “help”—they straight up write it for you. You want to hire a ghostwriter for one of three main reasons.

You don’t have time: It seems everyone is busy these days. With all the tasks in everyday life, very few people have the time to sit down and author a book. Many have great ideas, but they never take the time to write them down. Often, when we have time to spare, we want to use it to do other things, like relax, exercise, or pursue hobbies. Writing a book is simply too intimidating, too difficult, too painful…and so, it falls by the wayside.

This is where the ghostwriter steps in. Of course, you will have to devote some time to an interview and set aside additional time to review and revise the ghostwriter’s work, but they are the ones putting hours and hours into constructing the book. A ghostwriter takes the ideas, stories, notes, and other information you provide and turns them into a cohesive, engaging narrative told in your own voice. All you need to do is provide feedback and request revisions, if necessary, as they progress through the chapters.

You lack the skills or experience: Many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals are talented in their field, but they don’t have the skills to write well or at length. Writing a book is quite different from jotting down a memo or sending out an email. It requires a specific set of skills.

If you recruit a ghostwriter, they are already armed with all the skills of a professional writer. They take your ideas, connect your thoughts, and put them into meaningful words, sentences, and paragraphs, with transitions that help create flow. Trust them to not only tell your story but also write in your voice since they carefully note the way you think and the expressions you like to use, seamlessly integrating them into your book.

You don’t like to write: Simply put, if you don’t like doing something (and you don’t HAVE to), it probably won’t get done. Even if you think you have the ideas for a bestselling book, the fact that you dislike writing means you’re bound to procrastinate, and the book will never materialize. 

However, you can get the best of both worlds: publishing the book without actually writing it. A ghostwriter can help you get started and finish the job. They are professionals and write for a living. When you hire someone to ghostwrite for you, your story will get written by a deadline, and you can then enjoy the fruits of their (and your) labor.

If you don’t have the time, the skills, or the desire to write, consider collaborating with a ghostwriter to get your book written. Use your time to do what you do best and leave the writing to a skilled professional—your future self will thank you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help, whether you are a thought leader who wants to share your expertise or an individual who wants to present your story to the world.

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