List of 68 Words That Are Hard to Say

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English is a language with tricky, irregular pronunciation. Here's a list of words that are hard to say. Learn each word's pronunciation so you never get it wrong again.
accede draught library quinoa
alias emollient maelstrom quixotic
anathema epitome Massachusetts sanguine
anemone espouse mauve schadenfreude
antidisestablishmentarianism explicit mischievous scissors
apocryphal exponentially nadir sesquipedalian
asterisk fatuous neophyte squirrel
brewery February noisome staid
camaraderie floccinaucinihilipilification often
chthonic forte onomatopoeia surfeit
colloquialism grandiloquent otorhinolaryngology synecdoche
colonel hegemony panacea temperature
comfortable ignominious phenomenon timbre
debauch inchoate phlegmatic truculent
defibrillator isthmus protean vicissitude
demagogue knell puerile Worcestershire
deteriorate Leicester pulchritude zephyr