List of 204 Words That Are Hard to Spell

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We've all been stumped by the spelling of tricky English words. Here's a list of words that are hard to spell; learn them by heart and never misspell them again.
a lot definitely liaison pycnogonid
abacaxi demitasse library qiviut
Abgesang dhole license questionnaire
abiuret discipline logorrhea receipt
acceptable drunkenness maintenance recommend
accommodate dumbbell malfeasance reference
acquiesce dvandva maneuver referred
acquire Dzungar mbira relevant
acquit eczema medieval rhathymia
advocaat egueiite memento rhotacismus
aitch Eichhornia millennium rhyme
aloisiite embarrassment milquetoast rhythm
amateur eudemonic miniature rijksdaalder
antediluvian exceed minuscule sacrilegious
apparent exhilarate mischievous schedule
atheist existence misspell schokker
atlatl experience mlechchha separate
autochthonous feuilleton Myxosporidiida sergeant
bdelloid fiery ngege sforzando
believe fjeld ngwee sgabello
bellwether foreign noticeable shanghaiing
bhikku foudroyant occasionally sjambok
bobbejaan gauge occurrence soubrette
calendar gnathonic onomatopoeia staphylococci
cassioberry gneissoid pastime stichomythia
catapleiite gnomonic periscii supersede
category gnosticize perseverance surveillance
cemetery grateful personnel svedberg
changeable guarantee pfeffernuss synecdoche
chauffeur harass pfennig taaffeite
chhatri hierarchy phalaenopsid taeniid
chiaroscurist humorous phthalein takkanah
chlorophyll idiosyncrasy phthisis teonanacatl
chrematistic ignorance playwright
chrysanthemum immediate possession threshold
chthonic independent precede tjaele
cixiid indispensable precocious twelfth
Cnemidocoptes inoculate principal tyranny
cnidoblast intelligence privilege unconscious
coelacanth irascible pronunciation Ursprache
collectible its/it's prosciutto vacuum
column jewelry prospicience vengeance
committed jharal pschent vignette
conscience judgment psephology Volksraad
conscientious Kharijite pseudaxis vrbaite
conscious khedive psittaceous weather
consensus kiekie psoriasis weird
courtoisie Kierkegaardian ptarmic
ctenii knaidlach pterodactyl ylem
cywydd Kwakiutl ptosis ytterbium
daiquiri leisure publicly